Sunday, August 2, 2015


Summer sure is getting in the way! haha
I'm linking up a day late and will probably be 982379837 on the list...but don't care :)

Link up with Farley and her beloved Currently!

LISTENING: Hubs is flipping through channels, falling asleep, changing channels, falling asleep...
LOVING: Summer, summer, summer! It's FINALLY HOT in Chicago and I am LOVING it! I LOVE the hot weather. I plan my day outside all day. (not loving the nasty storms we've had in IL this year...can we say storm/hail/wind damage??? not as bad as those poor people who lost their homes from those dang tornadoes)
THINKING: Everyone is BTS shopping and getting their classrooms ready... We are officially allowed in tomorrow. I don't see myself going in for at least another week. You all know I have a new job this year...So I don't have all those tedious things to do. I *think* I have ONE bulletin board in my office. So not worried... I mean, how weird will it be that I won't even have students the first couple of days of school?!?!? I can't even fathom this!
WANTING: Just ordered Learn Like a Pirate and Fish in a Tree on Saturday (yesterday) and it was on my front porch Sunday (TODAY)! Impressive Amazon Prime!!! Now, I want to dig into those books...I bet those will get my groove going (but I'm REALLY enjoying summer now). I'd enjoy them even more at The Dunes!
NEEDING: AHHH. Got a new Mac in June, and I JUST realized I haven't reinstalled all my fonts! So I'm stuck with "Chalkduster" for now. 
B2S RAK: A new teacher inherited 17 years of great stuff! I have more to give away...And it's not old and unusable stuff. It's great stuff-for real. 

Anywho, Link fun to chat with other people!