Thursday, July 16, 2015

Guess Who's Back And Feeling Exhilarated?!

WOW! The teaching community has been quite inspiring this past week!
I didn't make it to Vegas. I was enjoying family time in the Caribbean! We went on our first cruise and it was AMAZING!

All this Periscoping going on!!! I haven't done it yet...But I've watched lots! I think I'll be ready to take the leap! I don't know what I'm going to say yet...but I'm gonna do it! You can find me @anchoredin3rdgr

As you see from my last post (forever ago), I will be in a new position next month. After 17 FABULOUS years in 3rd grade, I am the new Reading Specialist in my building. Talk about timing... I started working on this intense master's program last year... I honestly only did it because it would only take me a little over a year and I wanted to move on the pay scale.

WHO WOULD HAVE THOUGHT that I'd LOVE it?!?! When I was working on assignments for class with my students, I was really loving what I was doing. I had one particular professor who acknowledged my work and would tell me things like, "Carrie, you really get it". I also had to present to our staff and had such positive feedback...I was like... THIS IS ME. THIS IS WHAT I WANT TO DO!
And cue the timing... This past school year I moved to another school within my district, I needed that for me too. Well, it just so happened that the reading teacher I co-taught with about 15 years ago was retiring. My district posted that job, I applied, the position was offered to me, and I said goodbye to my last set of 27 3rd graders.

I admit, I'm nervous. I am not an expert in reading. Sure, I have 17 years of THIRD grade behind me and now I'll have a second master's degree...but no expert in reading.
I have ideas. I have things I will want to work on improving in my school.  I have an excellent coworker who is experienced and has welcomed me into this new position. I'm excited!

Since I've returned from vacay, there's been this TPT blowup of TRIBES...I joined the 3rd grade tribe (don't want to waste all that expertise I can offer) and I joined a Reading Tribe (need some help from peeps who know), and I've been invited to other reading sites/Facebook pages. Periscope watching has been awesome. It's been exhilarating!

I've got some creating to do. I have some more reading to do. I have stuff to get going on! It's good to be back to blogging. I've learned SO MUCH this past year in my master's program and I can't wait to share.

Speaking of all this great blogging I'm going to do...I think I'm going to need a new name...But I don't want to get rid of "Anchored". What suggestions do you have?! Leave me some suggestions!

Talk to you SOON! Woo hoo!

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  1. Congrats on your new position! After teaching 30 years (first three in special ed and the last 27 in the regular classroom) I also got the chance to use my reading masters. This will be my third year as a K-6 reading specialist. It is my dream job! I am interested in joining your reading tribe. Could you email me some info.? Thanks! Have a wonderful year. Liz from South Dakota (