Friday, January 2, 2015

2015 Resolutions?!?!

I don't usually make New Year's resolutions…but thought this was a good linky and I like putting my goals on paper. 
I'm linking up with The Third Wheel to share my goals for 2015. 
HOME: I'm a piler. I like my piles… I should organize them better so they are out of sight… Need storage space. As I sit on the computer…I need to designate NO TECH time for myself.
WORK: I should be more consistent with Guided Reading and Guided Math. For some reason, this year has been rough. I've been using more of the approach of I teach, We try, You do alone… It's been successful, but I need to get those low and high kids in a better way…
HEALTH: As I said in a previous post…Last year this time-I gave up all pop. The past couple of months---it's been back. I drink a ton of water already (and I'm not a coffee drinker)…but need to cut out that pop. We have a treadmill now… My goal is just to use it. I'm not committing to times or miles, but to use it.
BLOG: With all I've got going on right now (Mom of 3 active girls, Grad School, Work, Jamberry, etc), It's been difficult to blog… and when I've blogged, it hasn't been valuable. I'm taking Grad School classes for my Master's in Reading! I've been learning lots! Lots to share! Need to blog about that stuff and the stuff going on in my classroom (Genius Hour, Coding, etc).

SoOoOo…. Link up and share yours!
Enjoy your day! This is my last day of Christmas Vacay….boo. 


  1. Carrie,
    Love your goal to blog more. I used to sit in my master's classes drafting ideas because there was so much good info. I think that is a great place to start. Plus it sounds like you've really got great things going on in your room, too!

    Mrs. D
    The Third Wheel

  2. Be sure to come back and check in to update us on how the resolutions are going!

    Mrs. D
    The Third Wheel's New Year Resolution Check Up