Saturday, May 17, 2014

Mother's Day Projects and Teacher Appreciation Week!

WOW! What a fabulous week the moms put on for us! Day one started with all the Teachers' doors decorated to our personalities or room theme or just something we like.
Mine, of course, was ROCK STAR!
The students brought in a flower or drew a flower. PTO had fresh fruit for us in the lounge.
Then we had a SUPER day! PTO made all the teachers super hero capes! They provided us with a super charged breakfast!
Wednesday, PTO provided a hot-off-the-grill BBQ style lunch. DELISH!
The did it up real real nice! We have such creative moms!
Thursday was a day of pampering. PTO placed different lotions in all the bathrooms and supplied us with leg, back, neck massagers in the lounge. There were spa drinks and chocolate. Ahhhh. Refreshed.
And Friday, we were once again spoiled with a CHOCOLATE FOUNTAIN bar! YUM! 
I'm not usually one for the choco fountain (grosses me out)…but I figured it was adults using it and there's less of a chance someone double dipped ;)  So fancy! And soooo appreciated!
PTO did such a nice job spoiling us for the week! PLUS on Friday, all the teachers had gift cards in their boxes…Mine was for iTunes… and I already spent the WHOLE THING!

Well this snuck up on me…
I was scrambling for an idea and THANK YOU INSTAGRAM…
found the perfect idea! 
Even had a mom email me afterwards to thank me for her most favorite school Mother's Day gift!
That means a lot considering the kids made about 5 or 6 before getting to 3rd grade. 
Here they are…

What I did…
*I took a photo of the kids in the hallway and told them to act like they were handing me a flower.
*Printed those on our color printer and laminated.
*Had the kids paint wooden frames from Michael's ($1 each)…
*The kids made small tissue flowers.
*I used my exacto knife to slice a hole where their hand had an opening (where it looks like they'd hold something) and under the bottom of the hand.
*I fed the flower through the photo.
*Inserted the photo into frame (they don't have covers on them)
*Some wanted 2014 added and some didn't…DONE and adorable!
I'm DEFINITELY doing this project again next year!
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Sunday, May 4, 2014

Currently Linky for MAY!

I'm completely late by 4 days for Farley's link up. But here nonetheless.
SO LINK UP! This is quite the linky party!
Here's my Currently...

LISTENING-Seriously…Rocky 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 + is ALWAYS on! Why does the hubs feel the need to watch it EVERY time?!?!?

LOVING-If you are from the midwest…you know how cold it's been for us (or if you watch the news about our weather)! I am SO SO SO EXCITED for 80 degree weather on Thursday! BRING. IT. ON.

THINKING-I need to do laundry. I hate laundry. It's out of control right now. It's been insanely busy around here with work, softball, dance, programs, other unpleasant things thrown at us… And I'm SO behind on grading! After my shower…that's my focus.

WANTING- I want to get my classroom packed up. I am moving schools (yahoo!)…but there's no time to pack it up! Lately, I have to run out of work to get to my own kids' activities. I brought one car load home…but it didn't even make a dent. Too much going on at once.

NEEDING-We need a new lawn mower…How does a tractor AND mower go out at the same time?!?!? Our house sits on a lot that is a little over half an acre. We've been in our house for about 11 years and it's time for new family room carpet… it's to the point where I'm slightly embarrassed about it and don't want people in my house…it's BEYOND cleaning. And being in our house for 11 years…we still don't have landscaping in the yard. Other things have come up and it hasn't happened. grrrrrr.

SURPRISE-Go check out Beach Lovin' Teach Blog and Stores! Here are the links…click on the pic for the blog and the link for the TPT store...Maybe I wanted to surprise her because I'm jealous she's on the beach and it's so warm… OR maybe I just love her blog and products…

Have a Great Week! I'm looking forward to being spoiled by our FABULOUS PTO!!! It's Teacher Appreciation Week and our PTO has lots of goodies lined up for us! 
They are so wonderful and dedicate so much of their time to us and the students!
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