Sunday, November 2, 2014

It's CURRENTLY November!

Seems like I only make time these days for the Currently link up.
And tons of great things have been going on in my classroom to share!
But I haven't made time for blogging. 
I really should be working on a Grad School Paper due today (I will after this).
I'm swamped lately. 
Go ahead and link up with us over at Farley's page. 

LISTENING- Not a sound in my house! Girls are still sleeping (this surprises me), dogs are quiet, no TV on…So weird. 
LOVING-Last night my two oldest girls and I stayed in and watched a couple of movie off of Netflix. We watched Can't Buy Me Love…you know…the one from 1987 with a very young Patrick Dempsey.
The girls said it's just like the movies they watch now…but old. We enjoyed…
THEN…I was SO STUPID and suggested we watch My Girl. UGH! Why in the heck would I do that to myself??!?!?!?!?
They enjoyed that movie, but I sobbed (yes, I've seen it several times) and sobbed… A LOT.
THINKING-Last winter SUCKED. I know there are lots of you that loved it…but I HATED it. Record snows and record lows in Chicago…NO THANKS! I'm hoping it's not too bad…but they keep saying it will be… I'll just ignore them for now.
WANTING- It's simple…I need my Paul Mitchell Dry Wax. I've been out of it for about a week…bought something else to hold me over until I can get to Ulta…and it's not doing the trick. 
NEEDING- You've all heard me complain about grad school…but it will continue…(the complaining)… I'll be glad when it's over and I'll be happy I did it. SO MUCH WORK. Yes, I'm learning lots… it's just these papers and assignments. Especially another paper on School Demographics…more about assessment systems…classroom profile… blah. My principal, reading specialists, and school secretary were AWESOME in helping me get the info I needed! Now…to write it all out…in a 2-3 page paper (I know it's not that bad). 
READING-The Best of Me by Nicholas Sparks…I actually haven't started it yet. I have been making myself read more for pleasure during the school year. I always said "I don't read for fun during the school year". How dumb is that? Now I force myself to find time to read. A few minutes here and there. I've read 5 books so far (besides all the grad school books and stuff).

Here's something I'm sure you saw on my Instagram…
Every year I have my 3rd graders write what makes them "batty". This time my whole team joined in!
Bats Everywhere!
One of our classroom aides made the awesome, gigantic Haunted House for a title!

Enjoy your "extra" hour!