Sunday, October 5, 2014

Currently October 2014

Well, October is already here! 
Blogging has taken a backseat to the rest of my crazy going-ons. 
But, I'm popping in to do a quick Currently with Farley. 

LISTENING- My girls are downstairs watching Disney. Whatever they are watching…the girl's voice is going right through me. Some shows drive me crazy.
LOVING- My husband is off tonight. He's been working 6 days a week, 12 hours a day. We actually have NO OTHER activities today (holy moly-it's a miracle)! So we are headed out to the pumpkin patch. So excited!
THINKING- Pumpkin patch! It's a little too chilly for me here in Chicago, but the sun is shining and we have nothing else to do (well, besides cleaning and grocery shopping and grad school homework and entering grades into the computer).
WANTING- I wanna get my Halloween and Fall stuff out and up! When my husband got home this morning, he went to bring up all my stuff from the basement…well, he turned on the wet/dry vac to get some dirt up from last year's decorating and MICE ran out of the vac!!!! UGH UGH UGH!!!!! We live next to a farm so it's expected to get mice every year in the basement…but it still GROSSES ME OUT. He set some fresh traps. Don't really care if I offend anyone…the only good mouse is a dead one! HATE THEM. Knock on wood…they haven't made it to the rest of the house in previous years… Did I just jinx myself?
NEEDING- I need my hair cut and colored SO BAD. I need to get an appointment with my girl. I know she's been super busy too…
TRICK OR TREAT- I have a little trick. I delayed setting this up this year in my classroom, just because it was crazy trying to get my room together with a move and construction… then I realized how much I needed it!
My trick is…
Table Leaders. I know everyone has their own version. Each group in my classroom has a beanie baby or webkinz. I started the rotation at the left front person in each group. Whoever has the little animal on their desk is the table leader for the day. 
When I'm collecting something or need to grab things for groups, the table leader does this. It's super easy for me to say "table leaders bring me the spelling tests" or "table leaders grab white boards for your group" or whatever. 
This is not one of the jobs in our classroom. Our class has 27 kids and 27 jobs on the job chart. We are all responsible for something to make our classroom run efficiently and effectively. 
The next day, the animal is passed to the left and that person becomes the leader for the day. It makes lots of things much easier on me and the kids love it too!
Enjoy your Sunday!


  1. I love the idea of the table leaders! This is a struggle in my room. I have 3rd and 4th grade students. There are 31 kids in the room. I can't wait to try your trick out with them!

    Elementary Times

  2. I love the fall references! I am loving fall and how yall have a pumpkin patch. At 75 degrees I hope we get one soon in Texas. Loving the color changes in leaves and the cooler temperatures. I bet it's even better up north! Well enjoy your day off with the family!! :)