Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Freaking the Freak Out

Feeling slightly overwhelmed.
We have open house-which is really…come check out your classroom time and try to tell the teacher all  about your child that the teacher won't remember time-on August 14th.
We gained access to our classrooms yesterday.
Let me rewind…
I asked for a transfer to another building. It was granted.
The district newly remodeled an old section of the building I've moved to.
I went in yesterday…
You can't walk to my classroom through the hallways because there's still construction going on…
You have to get to my classroom by walking outside and entering a door near my room…
To use the restroom, you have to leave the building outside and enter another door (just until construction is finished).
Well, I went to check out my new room…
The ONLY things in there were my stuff from my old building.
NO Teacher desk
NO Student desks
NO shelves
NO file cabinets
NO anything (except my crap)
<I heard it's coming soon>
Then I'm told we only get 3 book cases of 3 shelves…

UMMMMM, I have a wonderfully fabulous collection of books for my students.
THREE will not hold my collection! How the heck am I going to decide which books to NOT expose my students to???
I know what you're thinking…."Carrie, just bring in your own book cases"…
I'd LOVE to…BUT WE'RE NOT ALLOWED to bring anything "personal"…I struggle with this word…"personal" because almost all that stuff is MINE.
AND I cannot bring in my cute little benches you all raved over (you can see my classroom from last year under the my "my classroom" tab---it's not organized, but I threw the pics in there). Nothing.

YAY!!!! GREAT news! We can bring in our stuff! YAY! So happy!
Woo hoo! Comfy reading zone coming to students soon!

SOOOO, I had a VERY short visit, came home and stared at this in a bathing suit for about an hour….

Decided I'm not going in today…I'm going to stay home and plan out my bulletin boards…create some stuff for my walls (now that I know what I'm dealing with on my walls-which is good).

I DO have my class list…So I can start doing name stuff and labels-YAY!
Here's my clean slate of a room-not good quality pics…should have used a flash on my phone.
It's a nice room…looks big to me…can't wait to see furniture in it…Plenty of board space-which I'm excited about. Love the cabinets. Two tiny windows that will NOT be covered in any way-I love me some natural light...

Ok, If you're still with me…I actually completed a product. I didn't want my old cursive set hanging above the white boards…so I created a cursive pennant banner to put together and hang! I'm super excited to use it!
We have to teach Zaner-Bloser in 3rd grade and I definitely need it hanging in the room for student reference…
You can grab this on TPT-click on the pic and it'll take you to my store! Get it while it's on sale!
Enjoy your day! 


  1. OMG! You are going to be a very busy person getting your room all set up. At least, it looks really clean. I hope all the construction is done, too. I like how you just looked at the beautiful sky; you have a good attitude.

  2. Oh yay! I was reading this and had so many ups and downs- thinking noooo you can't bring your own stuff? But whyyy? And then YES! She gets to. haha! Happy its getting better!

    Teaching With Hope