Saturday, July 19, 2014

Using Technology in Literacy and Math

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I LOVE it!
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I'm linking up (late) with iTeach 1:1 and Learning to the Core for their weekly technology linky party.
Technically you are supposed to link up on Tuesdays…but it doesn't matter…Who doesn't like a tech idea for the classroom at ANY time?!

The first week was about technology in reading and the second week was technology in math…
I have two little things to share…
I'm currently in grad school working on getting my Reading Specialist's degree (which is one reason I can't find time to blog-and the site is down for my discussion responses-so here I am).
One assignment was incorporating technology into literacy.
I don't know about you…but I love using for ideas.
One of my classmates found this on that site and I CAN'T WAIT TO USE IT!!!!

This is a Trading Card Creator… After you type in your name you are given this screen to decide what you are creating a trading card about -
IMAGINE the POSSIBILITIES! Not only can you use this in reading, you can use this for Social Studies (I'm thinking famous people, land marks, landforms, etc.) and Science (planets, vocab, animals, habitats, etc.), and Math (vocab, shapes, etc.).
I went ahead and chose Fictional Person to show how I would use it in reading. 
Every year we read How to Eat Fried Worms by Thomas Rockwell. I chose the main character, Billy to demonstrate.
You can even insert a photo! 

Here's my card. Students are able to create up to 8 cards at once. Then when they are all finished, they have the choice to PRINT, SAVE, or SHARE.
I just LOVE this find!
So exciting, right?!

Next up is Math… We are fortunate enough to have a cart of 27, and two carts of 12-15 iPads for our building. I usually have a decent chance of being able to grab them at a moment's notice. Other than that, we have a schedule-I'm signed up for 3 days a week.
I like to use the iPads during guided math time. I find free apps on the subject matter we are learning.
Our district has an annoying and long process to get apps approved…Well my secret…which might get me into trouble right now… is that I download the free app onto all the iPads we will be using, knowing that when they update the iPads "weekly" what I put on there will be erased.
Ya know what? I'm fine with that! We don't stay on a math topic long anyway (that's another story).

SO-here are a few of my favorite free apps for math-
Telling Time (OH! I JUST looked the one up I used and now it's $.99! UGH-there are plenty of others)
I just search "free -whatever topic we are studying"
Here's the one the kids loved that I used when it was free...
Here's another one that's free for telling time.
Of course, I'm sure all of you are aware of Greg Tang's site. It's FABULOUS and FREE!
He allows free access to his games, books, and other activities! If you click on the screen shot below, it'll take you to his site.
I've used QR codes a few times, but haven't fully implemented them in my rotations yet. 

Go link up your techy ideas! I'm always game for new ideas!
ahhhhhh, felt good to blog! 

Friday, July 4, 2014

Five for Friday-July 4th

Happy Fourth of July!
I'm linking up with Doodlebugs for her Five for Friday Linky!

We decided to play some mini-golf this week and it was a blast! Hubs came in 1st, I took 2nd, and the rest of the girls took the rest. I would should have won, because there were two holes where my golf ball went in the hole and popped back out. I should have googled the official mini-golf rules…my family made it count as an extra stroke. hmmmmm
Grad School-As you know, I'm working on Master's Degree number two. I'm workin' on getting a Reading Specialist's Degree. At this point, I'm not interested in being a Reading Specialist (I don't think), but it's something good to have in my pocket-just in case I want to leave the classroom for something else…Above everything, I'm looking forward to learning more about literacy for my future students.
My assignment last week was about how teachers integrate technology into literacy.
Research shows that technology does not improve literacy…BUT I'm a firm believer in a balance of everything…Below are four of the books for my current class (sorry for blurry photo-not retaking).

How do YOU incorporate technology into your literacy time?
I  was an Instagram Giveaway winner! HOW EXCITING IS THAT!? Who doesn't love to win?
This is an awesome pack of work stations for literacy from Jessica over at The Teacher Talk! You should check out her TPT store. I linked the photo to her store for you! Thanks to Jessica for the giveaway! I'm super excited to incorporate this with my 3rd graders!
Last night we went to the county fair to enjoy the carnival and watch fireworks. They truly have THE best fireworks show! The carnival was slightly disappointing this year. The rides were tin rides from like the 1960's or something. I rode "The Octopus" (we call it the spider for my generation) with my daughter and laughed my butt off. The steps to get into the ride were wooden and had a screw poking up. I think part of the thrill was wondering if the ride was going to fall apart.
The top right photo is my FIFTEEN year old riding on the swings…she wouldn't look at me-she knew I was taking a photo.
Woke up today and the fish the girls won at the fair are still alive…
A call has been put into a garage door repair guy. We got into the garage just fine last night and my hubs went out to cut the lawn and the garage door is busted. BOO. Broken Spring. BOO. We were able to get my car out…So it's really not a big deal…just inconvenient.
Looking forward to barbecuing today and hanging out with my family!

Enjoy your 4th! Be safe!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Currently JULY?! WHAT?!

ARE YOU SERIOUS?! It's already JULY?
But no! We just got out of school!
And softball just finished.
and my summer just started.

Well, here we are again. I totally missed June's Currently. I think that's the first time I've missed since forever.
but let me tell you, I was ALL KINDS OF BUSY.
Had to pack up my classroom for a building move
AND I started Grad School again…
And just, you know, end of year stuff.
Linking up with Farley…click on her button and it'll take you there!

LISTENING- Friends is ALWAYS on in this house. 15 year old is addicted. I JUST saw the one where Ross gets sprayed a million times in the spray tan booth…

LOVING-SUMMER! I feel like I just started my summer yesterday…with a bang! Here in IL, we were POUNDED with nasty nasty storms! My sister's block was destroyed…well, not the houses (thank goodness) but mature trees uprooted throughout her whole neighborhood. The town next to me, lost over 300 mature trees and have been without power for 24 hours… Right now I am thankful I'm in one of those new subdivisions with newer trees.
It's time to be a little leisure for a short time…reconnect with my family. Do some light, fun reading. Stay up late and sleep in a little.

THINKING- Tomorrow is supposed to be a chilly 70 degrees…trying to figure out what to do with the day… THERE'S NOTHING ON THE CALENDAR!!! Do you know how RARE that is in this house?!?!? Mini-golf has been brought up. I want to go to the zoo or something….hmmm what to do, what to do

WANTING- I'd love to get our family a "real" pool. We've had Intex pools and they usually last 2 summers. The filter went out on this last one, so we took it down… Now my girls just have a little blow up pool…and boy, do I mean Little…but they are great kids and entertain themselves in it…Maybe next summer…

NEEDING-Like I said-I started another Master's Program. My first Master's Degree is in Curriculum and Instruction. Now I'm working on a Reading Specialist Degree. I have a major project due next week. Need to get that going. Doing this Master's online…I'm SO NOT an online class person, so this is difficult for me. I need people…real live people… I'll be done with this Master's in ONE year….I think I can, I think I can…

4th Plans- Every year we go to the town's fireworks display. They are fab. Free entertainment leading up to the show. Love it. I LOVE FIREWORKS! We will probably go and see the county's fireworks display on the 3rd too.

Oh, and yesterday, I got to meet up with some fabulous ladies and a gentleman at a Chicago Blogger Meet Up! So fun to meet everyone in person. I wish we could have chatted more!
Enjoy your day!
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