Saturday, April 5, 2014

Currently APRIL!

Well, I'm 5 days late the the Currently link up…so you KNOW that means I'll be number 8,975,586 on the list. Haha!
Anywho… Link up! It's so fun reading about others!

LISTENING- I love listening to my youngest play. I know it's going to end soon because she's ending her 4th grade year and she'll be "too old" to play dolls. Love hearing her creativity. Meanwhile…Mid-kid is watching TV… and the show sounds annoying.

LOVING- Jamberry! You all may be sick of hearing it…I've said that I'm LOVING Jamberry in every Currently post since January… But I'm telling you…Jamberry has been good to me! Not only do I LOVE how my nails look, but I love the commission I earn! You can read more about it here.

THINKING- I super excited!!! You've read all about my blogs about Genius Hour!!! Well, my Principal asked me to present it to our staff at our next staff meeting (AND he's invited our Superintendent AND the Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum). I'm so excited to share more about this with my colleagues! AND AND AND!!!!! And I'm presenting Genius Hour to our School Board at April's School Board Meeting!!!! I'm bringing the students with me to show what they've learned.

WANTING- Seriously?!?!? I really want warm weather. This Winter was too long, too cold, and too much snow! Spring is not starting out well either…too cold!  I WANT WARMTH!

NEEDING-Tomorrow is my Oldest Kid's 15th birthday…I need to go shopping for a gift today! Yesterday was my mid-kid's 13th birthday! I need to get out to the mall!

HOURS AND LAST DAY- Honestly, our day with kids is too short. I wish they'd extend our school day…just as long as they pay us for it. And we've had 4 snow days (should have been more, but happy it wasn't)…so our year got extended… Teachers' last day is on a MONDAY! That's just cruel. 

So link up and enjoy the fun!
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  1. Found you on the Currently link up. I love your fun blog design!

  2. You do have a short school day! Holy Moly I don't know how I'd fit it all in!

  3. Whoa. That might be the shortest school day I've heard of -- ever. I don't know how you squeeze it all in! I've seen so much about Jamberry and just received a free sample that I'm excited to try. I watched a couple YouTube videos and am currently waiting on the rice bag I bought from Etsy {I'm not a seamstress -- I'm a buyer. lol} to show up so I can try it. Crossing my fingers that I can do it correctly!

    ~Mrs. K. from The Teacher Garden Blog