Saturday, March 8, 2014


To practice some of our Social Studies skills, we had a friendly debate in class. I had the students count off by 2s and ASSIGNED them FOR year round school or AGAINST year round school. They broke up into their groups, I gave the groups a piece of chart paper and they recorded their ideas. At first, the kids who got FOR year round school weren't too happy (I knew none of them would want this category which is why I assigned it).
BUT when we got to the sharing/debate, the kids who had FOR did a great job defending why it would be beneficial!
At the end of the debate (took our class two 30 minute lessons (2 days) to complete this), they surprised themselves with thinking that year round school wouldn't be so bad after all!
We had ANOTHER presentation! This student presented on what the earth was like 50 million years ago. I was way impressed that this student knew what plate tectonics were and how they helped shaped the land! THIS IS 3rd GRADE! AND THEY LEARN ON THEIR OWN!

This is the LAST year of ISAT testing in Illinois. I'm happy and slightly sad…ONLY because I LOVE BOOTCAMP! 
At bootcamp, the students learn cadences to help them remember things on the test…
They earn prizes that I begged the armed forces to donate (and boy are they ever GENEROUS).
We go over relaxation techniques…
Test taking tips…
Review some "stuff"…
It only takes out 10 minutes of our learning day for one week.
You got that soldiers?!?!? Ma'am, yes Ma'am!! 
President Projects-
Every year our 3rd grade classes are assigned this at home project.
They have a President they have to research, create a visual, and present in front of the class. 
I'd have to say, they did a FANTASTIC job!!!

We did all kinds of fun activities with Dr. Seuss last week.
One of them was with Marvin K. Mooney Will You Please Go Now!
I read the story aloud…then we brainstormed ways to "go" from A-Z.
I choose popsicle sticks and had the students choose letters until we ran out.
 THEN, The students had to choose one of the ways to "go" from our chart and make a page.
On their page they had to write a sentence or so, and illustrate it…
When everyone is finished, I will bind into our very own class book!
 Marvin K…You can go by unicycle, but Please just go!
 Here's the ever too popular Ender-dragon (Minecraft)
I have a class full of great pages, I just grabbed a couple off the top…

ANOTHER Dr. Seuss activity the 3rd grade TEACHERS did was…
On Friday, since testing was OVER (yahoo!)…the TEACHERS rotated to each others' classrooms for 15-20 minutes each. Each of us (there's 5 of us) read a Dr. Seuss story to the class, did an activity, and rotated to the next class. THE STUDENTS LOVED THIS! 
I read my FAVORITE The Lorax
After reading that (long) book, we talked about what trees need to survive, recorded it on the tufts…
then talked about how 3rd graders could help trees…and recored those ideas on the tufts…
then they colored.
They loved all the teachers' activities!
Our Friday afternoon was spent watching The Lorax and munching on popcorn, provided by our AWESOME PTO. Watching movies in school is VERY RARE- we aren't allowed to watch movies. We got the ok from the boss, sent home permission slips (even for the popcorn)…and enjoyed the afternoon.

I have OVER 1,000 followers on INSTAGRAM!!! I like to say they are all legit…not follows just to follow…not spam…I block the crazy spammers.
To Celebrate…I have teamed up with over TWENTY- YES TWENTY Fabulous people who are GRACIOUSLY donating some awesome items...TPT, Jewelry, Jamberry (that's me)!

If you're smart, you'll be checking back this week! And sharing the news with others!
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  1. Congrats on 1000 IG followers! Loved all your activities this week...especially your Marvin K. Mooney idea. What a great book that will be! :-) And I NEED to learn more about genius hour...I think my third graders would love it and get a lot out of it. Thanks for sharing!

    The Craft of Teaching

  2. The Boot Camp sounds so fun!!! I LOVE the genius hour!! I think my kiddos would love it too. :)

    Midnight in 2nd Grade

  3. All of these different ideas are amazing! I have to nominate you for a Liebster Award! Take a look at my blog for more information! Congratulations!

  4. 1000 real followers!?? That's awesome! I need to read more into this Genius hour! I think it would be perfect with my kids!


    Halfway There