Sunday, March 16, 2014

Another Fab Day of Genius Hour…and a giveaway!

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After testing, we were finally able to get back to our projects!
We had two presentations this week.
One girl presented her Prezi on How to Make a Sunburst Rainbow Loom Bracelet
She watched You Tube videos and interviewed a friend to help her create this difficult pattern.
As she made it, she took photos to document the process. She imported those photos into the app Prezi and added words.
She did a fabulous job!
 Sorry about the poor quality photo.

Another student wanted to know who discovered all the planets.
He researched using websites and books.
He presented with a model of the planets he made and speech.
This kiddo even made a handout for all the kids!

I just LOVE LOVE LOVE Genius Hour!
The kids are passionate about their projects.
They WANT to learn everything they can about their project and they can't wait to start another one!
I learn something new EVERY time someone presents.
The students in the audience are always interested in the presentations.
I'm tellin' you…it's THE best thing I've done this year! I wish we had more time to devote to Genius Hour.
With the time constraints, I find it hard to have the kids keep up with their blogging on Kid Blog.
The less than 40 minutes I have set aside each week is too short.
Since we have to check out the cart of iPads ahead of time, it's difficult to say…oh, today we'll do some extra Genius Hour time...

I've learned from this Genius Hour time…that it's a work in progress…you have to jump in… I learned that it's not what I thought it'd be…
 photo 74fd8b35-07a8-4beb-8687-f0de0b153d89_zps5b7d3984.jpg

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