Saturday, February 1, 2014

Currently... February

Don't you just love Currently?!
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LISTENING- When I started this, my girls were playing the Wii, now I hear them talking about how much snow they think we got so far…

LOVING- I am a Jamberry Nails Independent Consultant! WOO HOO! If you don't know about these little gems… LET ME TELL YOU! They are fantabulous wraps for your nails! I can send you a free sample to try on your nails if you'd like… Visit my Facebook page to fill out a Google Docs form with your Name, addy, etc… AND you can visit my Jamberry Site at AND you can visit my blog post HERE to read all about it AND you can visit me on Instagram where I post some Jamberry mani/pedis. For real… my nails look fab and the wraps are soooo reasonable! And they are easy to apply! If you are interested in joining my team after you read/try/buy let me know! I will be upfront about the whole process!

THINKING- I soooo enjoyed a night out with friends. I admit, I didn't feel like going out after work…I was beat. But we went out, laughed, had great food and drinks, and laughed some more!

WANTING- the snow to stop. Chicago has been BLASTED with winter this year. Make it go away.

NEEDING- self explanatory. Hate it, never caught up.

2 truths and a fib-
1. TRUTH! Just got the letter on Wednesday saying our grant was fully funded! A first grade teacher and I wrote a grant to the Illinois Department of Natural Resources to fund TWO butterfly gardens on our school property! All our 3rd grade classes will be digging and planting plants for the habitat and the 1st graders will be hatching the butterflies and releasing them into the garden! SO EXCITED! This will bring together 2 grade levels of at least 250 students!!!

2. FIB! I hate hate hate conversation hearts. The smell of them makes me nauseous. When I was a kid, every year around Valentine's Day, I got strep (I still get it as an adult)…I guess my mind associates strep/sick and convo hearts.

3. TRUTH! Yesterday, the students were working on sausage sentences and they wanted some music played… I usually play instrumental music while they are working…But I played my class playlist and some good tunes came on…so I disrupted their work, grabbed my glittery fake microphone, and started singing and dancing to the music around the room. They quickly joined in. It was fun, we shook our wiggles out and then got back to work.

Do you ever play music in class? We play something almost daily.

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