Friday, January 24, 2014

Who's Cold? Unexpected Lessons, and Warm My Heart

What a week! I'm soooooooo over the cold! This is crazy! And weather peeps are forecasting Monday and Tuesday to be "the coldest of the season"...Ummm, how can it get colder here?!?!?!
Kids haven't had recess outdoors in FOREVER. And I'm tired of the salt all over everything.
Although, the snow did look pretty a couple days ago...

I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs for some FIVE FOR FRIDAY!
This should be an easy post, it was a busy week!
ONE-Got this Story Map idea from a blog a long time ago! I can't even remember where! But I hot glue each laminated section to the wall and use this all year long for a quick Story Map review. Please excuse my fast/sloppy writing... I write as the kids tell me what to write. This story was from our Basal-Storytown... The kids enjoyed it and now they want to learn more about earthquakes!
Reading increases wondering!!!
TWO-Another Basal related story... In Storytown, we have these little read-alouds...and I truly enjoy them! This one is called "The Money Tree". It's supposed to support Author's Purpose, but it turned into a lesson about Inference! The only reason we know this tree growing is made of money is by the title...soooo, we looked for text proof (I had to read it twice) and came up with proof that the tree grew money.
This was one of those unexpected lessons that went great! Lots of wonderful discussions and healthy arguing!
THREE-We worked on tiling in math this week. We've been working on lots of area and perimeter. Next, the students will have the task of designing the foyer of our building with something attractive...putting area and perimeter to use!
Oh, I'm sure most of you use this little trick... when I spell perimeter at school... I always write it peRIMeter... to help the students remember the peRIMeter is the rim of the figure.
FOUR-Jamberry... As you read in my last post, I am a Jamberry Consultant! I've never done anything like this before and I'm for-real-loving the wraps! You can read all about it here. My school's art program just asked me to do a fundraiser with Jamberry for their program! I'm super excited!
The picture on the left is how my nails look after I've removed a full set of wraps using warmed olive damage! And the wraps were on for 10 days! The picture on the right are the wraps I applied after removing the old... Yes, those are skulls ;) I have a slight obsession with skulls. My students LOVE when I come in with new nails!
If you would like to try a sample or join my team, please email me at
Check out my page at
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FIVE- A treat for myself! Today I came home from a crazy cold day, and these sure did warm my heart! I finally ordered myself some Alex and Ani bracelets! Naturally, I had to get the LAUGH bangle! And I just had to have the Apple of Abundance one too! I don't think I own any apple jewelry! Some arm candy and fresh nails! I'm set!

Oh, and I've officially changed my name below! I'm no longer "autumn". It's soooo strange to see my real name down there! No more "hiding" on the world wide web...
STAY WARM! It's pretty dang cold up near Chicago!

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  1. Does sound like you had a busy week. I've never heard of jamberries before--I'll have to check them out. I bet my daughter would love them. Hope you stay warm : )
    ~Lucy at Kids Math Teacher

  2. It's cold down here in Alabama too! Eight degrees yesterday! Have you ever read "The Money Tree" by Sarah Stewart?? It's a haunting little picture book about a lady with a money tree growing in her yard! The pictures are beautiful- drawn by David Small, Sarah's husband. I used to read it aloud to my third graders every year!

    Thanks for sharing!
    Teachers Are Terrific!

  3. I am curious about Jamberry nails. But I am afraid that I would get sucked in and not stop! I usually paint my nails , but we all know how that goes. Especially as a science teacher, my hands are always in something! I wonder how Jamberry nails would with stand the life of a science teacher? I am so over the cold too. I want warm weather!

    Thanks for sharing!

  4. I want everything in this post! ha! Nails looks great, candy looks delish, and I like your new signature. I am also over the cold! It keeps snowing here. Stay warm!
    Come Visit Me at Readbox!!!