Friday, January 3, 2014

What Does a Genius Say?

I love me some GENIUS HOUR! I do!
You've been with me through my journey of Genius Hour...
There aren't many downsides...except...
blocked websites...and...
Honestly, it's THE best thing I've done this school year! 
Here's a link to my first post about I set it up and all...

One of my posts links you to my TPT store to download a freebie letter to send home! It's had 100 downloads and no one was kind enough to leave me a thank you... SO if you could...please leave me some quick feedback if you download it!
It's a Word Doc, so you can change what you want to fit your needs.

Well fast forward... Kids are excited to work on their projects...
I have nothing to write in my plan book on Friday from 2:30-3:10 except "Genius Hour"...
because there's no planning once it hits the ground! However, it's a super busy time for me...running (sometimes literally) around the classroom...checking this out and that out and fostering that love of learning.
And it's so open and free and unrestricted and comfortable and exciting and passionate and exhilarating and inventive and smart and GENIUS!

My latest passion projects were about Movie Making and the Titanic...
They never turn out how I expect them to turn far, the end projects have been different from what I approved...but after seeing what they've learned on their own...WHAT DO I CARE?
I can't replace that self-motivated-learning!

My Titanic Passion Project student was supposed to create the Titanic out of bottles and do some experiments to show how they could have prevented the sinking... Well, after researching, he decided he just didn't know everything he wanted to know about the he researched on the iPad and read lots of books! When that student was ready, he gave us facts and information about the ship. He and his dad built a model Titanic at home (how can one deny that father-son bonding???)... He drew pictures and explained so much! I beamed with pride! All the students learned something new and the questions they had for him were fantastic!

My Movie Maker Passion Project student was supposed to learn how to make a movie...She kinda did that... She did research on how to make movies and shared all that information with the class... Then she showed the class her Cheer routine from a competition (which she didn't record herself)... but she was able to explain how to make a recording and upload it... SHE was proud of it and that made ME proud!

On Twitter, I chat with lots of the upper grade teachers who have their students blog about their passion projects...
Not fully ready to do that just yet...but I'm getting close.
We do not reflect at this time on paper or with technology...I guess it's been working to reflect orally for now...LOTS of feedback and discussion...Total facilitator on this... I don't give ideas or really guide too much unless they ask for it...and they really haven't asked for my opinion! WHICH I LOVE!

So, as I move forward with Genius Hour, I will incorporate written reflection of some form... whether it be blogging or on old fashioned pencil and paper.

Talk about Geniuses (I googled and that's the proper plural form for four people)...
In 3rd grade, we had four students come up with a song for telling time called "What Does the Clock Say" to the tune of "What Does the Fox Say"?

Here it is! And you can grab this as a FREEBIE in my TPT store by clicking on the picture.
PLEASE leave some feedback if you decide to download!
The students worked hard on it!

Stay Warm!!!!


  1. I am loving the geniu hour explosion. Also love your song!
    Chickadee Jubilee

  2. I am SO excited about finding out, through you, about the Genius Hour! It might snow here on Monday, our first day back, and until reading your post, I was "wishin', and hopin', and thinkin', and prayin'" for a snow day - NO MORE! I can not wait to get back and start planning for the Genius Hour!!! I hope, now, that I can get our whole school district in on it.

  3. I saw some pins about Genius hour and love your posts about it! Definitely something I want to incorporate into my classroom! I'm your newest follower and would love for you to check out my blog sometime. I'm also participating in a big facebook freebie hop if you want to stop by and check that out!

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