Sunday, January 5, 2014

Monday Made *a home change, brain challenge, and student blog*!

I'm linking up with 4th Grade Frolics
I have TWO Monday Made-its…
My first is my daughter's bedroom. She has the smallest room in the house and not much space for storage. My generous brother in law and sister in law were buying a new set for their older daughter and gave us their loft bed.
It's beautiful!
It's the same width and length of her previous bed, but we added a dresser, desk, shelves, and "hideout"!
When we found out we could have it, my husband drove out there to pick it up…and the girls and I emptied Little Kid's room.
My brother in law actually took the drive back to our house to avoid multiple trips and help my husband bring the wooden set upstairs (thank goodness)!
While my husband was filling in tack and nail holes, we ran out and picked out paint! Came home, hubs painted (ok, maybe this should be HIS Monday Made It)…and  we put all the furniture back in.
I ordered a comforter set online and it *should* be here by Wednesday!
Tonight is her first night sleeping in her new bed (in which I'll be sleeping lightly because it's up in the air and I'm slightly nervous she's going to fall out).
Here's a partially finished room. Her room was purple…now teal! And yes, that is 11 year old green carpet.
Here's the bed set…Every thing is reversible! LOVE IT!

MY SECOND Monday Made It is
I just enrolled my class and created a class blog on (click on pic to take you there)
WHY did I sign up for Kidblog?
Well, Since October, I've been immersed in Genius Hour in my class.
The teachers I've chatted with on Twitter (follow me
use some form of blogging to keep students on task, hold them accountable, give and receive feedback, start conversations…
So I've joined the ranks. It was super easy to sign up and it's FREE (this is my own opinion, no one asked me to talk about Kidblog or review it).
I'm excited that kids can blog from home, in school…and I can access it when I want!
We will see how this new adventure goes.
I'm looking forward to students blogging about their passion projects!
We are all signed up and I'm ready to teach them how to use it!

Speaking of Twitter…
seriously teachers…if you haven't been involved in an #edchat or #ILedchat or #IAedchat or #3rdchat or #TLAP (Teach Like a Pirate) or #techchat… (those are a few that I frequent)…
Get on Twitter and find out when a chat takes place…sit back and watch…or dive right in and give your opinion.
I was "challenged" (ahhhh, my one little word) by someone in the #IAchat this evening! I loved it.
I decided that technology is an ESSENTIAL part of eled and he most certainly did not…
He thought it was too distracting for little kids and even cited an article where a big guy from Google said his kids aren't allowed to be on the computer or even "google" something until 7th grade…
Well I don't need an article or research to tell me that technology is essential in lower grades.
It's my opinion and I believe EVERY student in school should have access to and use iPads, computers, or whatever technology is available. Of course, it should be done in moderation and used appropriately…
Now, some of my students' Genius Hour presentations will be a Prezi…but the Prezi is not the goal…what they learned is the goal….
And yes, I started a class blog for the students to reflect and even start a conversation about their Passion Projects.
So use technology appropriately and in moderation.
Anyway… Twitter had me fired up and I was gaining ideas to use in the classroom AND I was able to think and reflect what-why-how-when-who was going on in my classroom.
I'm telling you…an hour chat FLIES by! And you feel like you've run out of time! And it's thought provoking and self-fulfilling…

Link up with Monday Made It, so I can steal your ideas!

See you at the next chat!


  1. Love it! My MMI was a furniture project too! As for Kidblogs...I have been meaning to sign up my class, and you have motivated me to do it! Thanks!

  2. I am doing We are just being and the kids are so excited, maybe a little too excited. They are racing to do a finished project and skip the research. How do you slow them down but keep the enthusiasm?