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Have you had a Jamicure?
I saw all kinds of awesome manicures on Instagram and learned that the manicure were actually nail wraps! I inquired more about them and asked for a sample...
Got my sample in the mail, tore open the envelope, like a kid on Christmas, RAN upstairs to my bathroom, and applied my very first Jamberry Nail!
Not too long after that, I joined Christi's team and I am officially a
Visit my Facebook Page! You'll be sucked into beauty for your nails, too.
This is my first nail wrap on my ring finger. The rest are just painted.

They're nontoxic nail wraps that you apply right over your natural nail in your own home. They can also be used over acrylics and are perfect for helping you grow out short nails too. The special material is pressure and heat activated to achieve a quick and easy manicure that you'd never get with polish. The shields are made in the USA, nontoxic/latex-free, and never tested on animals.

Each set of wraps is just $15 and comes with enough wraps to do your nails several times. I can easily get 2 manicures and 1-2 pedicures out of each set. That makes each application just $3-$5. You get the professional look of a salon manicure for a fraction of the cost.

I love them because:
  • Jamberry Nail wraps are easy to put on at home while I'm watching my favorite shows. It takes me about 15-20 minutes from start to finish using an orange stick and a rice bag. You can use a hairdryer (as I did my first time), but the rice bag is a bit easier to handle when doing all your nails. Your wraps will last 2 weeks (if you can stand to keep them on that long before changing to another). I haven't painted my fingernails in about 10 years because the polish just doesn't last. Jamberry wraps last!
  • There are so many colors, patterns, and finishes to choose from! I already have the next several months of nails planned out...St. Pat's Day is coming up, Easter, both of my daughters' softball seasons, dance recital... It's much less expensive than going to the salon.
  • They come in junior styles and my girls are already asking when they can have their nails done. You can match your little one if you wish.
  • NO chipping or dry time. I have not been gentle wearing my wraps. I teach 20 something 3rd graders, have 3 of my own children, 3 dogs, a cat, tortoise, dragon, and house stuff to do...I don't have time to be careful and I don't need to with Jamberry Nails!
  • So far, I have had compliments on my nails DAILY. No lie! Every single day, someone has said to me "I love your nails"!
  • And you know I wouldn't show you anything I didn't think was awesome and worth it! You all know how picky I am with things. I truly love these!

If you want to try them out, you can shop right from my personal Jamberry page . Your wraps arrive in your mailbox just 7-10 days later. Be sure to take advantage of the Buy 3, Get 1 deal. I've seen all different ways to mix and match patterns and colors.
 If you love Jamberry as much as I do, you can be a hostess for an online Jamberry Party and earn hostess rewards (like free and/or discounted nails for yourself). It's really easy! I'll set up an online party, you'll give your friends the website, and then you sit back and earn rewards while your friends get to try out Jamberry too. This works best when you have worn Jamberry so your friends can see it in person. We can schedule your party in advance so you have plenty of time to show off your wraps first.

Hosting a catalog party is how I'm getting my start with Jamberry. I will be wearing my nails to work, I'll set out a catalog in the teachers' lounge and let teachers order right from their phones! If you'd like to sign up with me for a party, I'll mail you a catalog and samples that you can pass around too.

Another option is making a Facebook event for your party. On the Facebook event page, I can post lots more pictures and offer special deals and prizes. All you have to do is invite your friends. Hosting an online party is an easy way to get free wraps after you've already tried them out and love them.
Finally, if you become as addicted as I am, you can join my team and become a consultant yourself. Becoming a consultant is a great way to earn extra cash while getting discounts on Jamberry for yourself too. Truthfully, if you're going to wear them a lot, you should sign up to be a consultant because everyone is going to want them once they see yours. TRUST ME.

As a member of my team, you'll get lots of support in your new adventure from those of us already on the team (as I blog, I'm reaching out to my mentor, Christi). I have NEVER done ANYTHING like this before! So far, I am truly enjoying the entire experience.

Not only am I loving Jamberry, but I'm looking forward to paying some bills (honestly), then my plan is to save up for a family vacation. My world was turned upside-down when Hostess/Wonderbread went out of business, and let's face it, a teacher's salary in most areas is difficult to live off of...and this is my contribution to getting back on have less of a struggle.
You might just want to join as a hobby! And that's fine too! Either way, you won't be alone because our team networks in a private group on Facebook to share pictures, files, and ideas (which I've taken full advantage of). Jamberry is a new company, so you have the chance to get in there early and make a difference (in my experience thus far, not too many people near South/SW Chicago area have heard about it).

To join my team, you'll purchase a $99 starter kit, but the kit comes with way more than its cost in product (4 sets of nails, the heater, -the application kit alone would cost $85- and the kit comes with tons more than that). Then you use your kit to take off with hosting your own online, catalog, or home parties. You can email me if you'd like to talk more about this.

If you have any questions or want to join our team, you can leave a comment here or email me using the contact links I have all over this page.
As an independent Jamberry consultant, I'm happy to help.
I can't wait for you to share your first Jamicure!

Here's Christi's Jamberry Nails Cold Rice Bag Application:

Official Jamberry Applications:

Tips and tricks:


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  1. May I try a sample before going full in and purchasing? I may join your team if I like them that much. My email is thanks again!!