Saturday, June 29, 2013

Currently July Linky

Currently...JULY?!?!?!?! Nooooooooooooo!
I CAN NOT believe it's almost JULY! And I'm linking up with Farley over at

And Dang it if I'm not gonna be in AT LEAST the top 20!!!! 
Anywho...Here's my Currently...
LISTENING- I cleaned my couches last night with the carpet cleaner. I have microfiber couches... the Alcohol and brush thing I found on Pinterest didn't work so well for me. But the carpet cleaner attachments worked just fine. They almost look brand new! woo hoo!

LOVING- SUMMER. I just love love love summer! It's been so busy for me this month and now it's starting to wind down, so I will be able to enjoy my patio more... My sister and her 2 gorgeous little girls came in from Cali for about a week and 3 days...Haven't seen them in over a year. It was so fun to visit with them. My sis said her 4 year old has aged since being here with my girls and my other niece. When she took a photo of her...she flashed her peace sign like the older girls do! Adorable!

THINKING- I'm having a house full of people in about 6 hours and here I am on the computer trying to get in the top 10 (realistically the top 20) on Farley's Linky List! LOL!!! I haven't even showered yet and the house needs to be picked up still!

WANTING- I want to replace the carpet in the family room soooo bad! It's now 10 years old, 3 kids and 3 dogs later...old. I don't even think it's cleanable anymore. But that's not happening any time soon...sigh....

NEEDING- A new-to-me car. My minivan (yuck-i was the person who said they'd NEVER and i mean NEVER own a minivan-but it IS so convenient)...has 191,000 miles on it. I thought with hubby getting a job (after Hostess closed the doors) we'd be able to get a new car this summer...and we just found out that he is laid off for two weeks. I guess the place he works now lays most people off for 2 weeks or you have to take your vacation...well he's only been there for about a month, so he doesn't have vacation time yet. I pray the van lasts...

TIPS/TRICKS/HINTS- Don't blog just to blog. I try to follow that. Maybe that's why I don't have high follow numbers??? But there are some blogs (I love to blog hop) that blog just to blog and there's no content. Most are fab, but some you can tell are just blogging just to have  a post. I've been so busy this month, I haven't really worked on anything for school so I don't have much to offer besides words.

and with that...don't forget to follow me on here and follow me on bloglovin, and follow me on Instagram...

And...I'm off to get ready for this party!!!!


Thursday, June 27, 2013

Linky, Notice and Note, Whatcha' up to?

Somewhat of a quickie post?! I have been SO busy!
The days are flying by!
I haven't even chosen my winnings from Learning to the Core Yet!!!
I've put some choices on my wish list, but haven't had a chance to choose!  Finally did this tonight.
I'm trying to FRANTICALLY write this post because I'm on my way out the door to see my niece do a Poms Routine!!!  This, too, was yesterday...I tried so hard to get a post going!

First I am linking up with C and C (every time I see their cute little blog name I start singing "Everybody Dance NOW" by C&C Music Factory)...They have a Sunny Summer Days Linky going on.
 Wow, It's REALLY raining out (again)...Like downpour monsoon...

@@Anyway, Here's what I've been up too...and if you follow me on Instagram, you've seen some of these pics...

We've been going to lots of softball games! They've had 32 games, so far...won 22 of them. Here's Big-Kid and her NO-HITTER!!!!! WOW! AMAZING!

When we returned home...she was so exhausted from the weekend...she sat at the kitchen table and fell asleep on Little Kid's pillow and slept there through dinner! I even had to make sure she was breathing! TOO FUNNY! She was out like a light.
At the fields, I had this annoying little Bee crawling all over me. I don't swat at bees because I am allergic and I don't want to tick them off and sting me. This one decided to crawl on my piggy-toes. At one point he started going BETWEEN my toes and I kinda-sorta freaked---just a little. He was there so long, I got a pic...
oh, and my Epipen and Benedryl were in the the parking lot...far, far, away. All ended well.
I've been visiting lots with my sis and her two kiddos. They are in from California and we haven't seen them in over a year...Her Hubby is currently deployed. It's been fun hanging out with the family.

Also, Dad took my girls fishing. For my youngest... it was her first time fishing. The other two have gone before. Little Kid caught 3 fish, Mid-Kid caught 2, and Big-Kid caught 2... I just hung out and took some pics.
Little kid says to me this evening, "I don't think Grandpa realizes how much fun I had today!"
So cute. 

On an actual SCHOOL note...The ONLY thing I've been up to is BLOG STALKING, INSTAGRAM STALKING, and a lil' bit of reading. 
I've read the book "Notice and Note..." by Beers and Probst.
I liked it. Lots of it was common sense to me...but had great ideas I will use in the classroom. It has PAGES of lessons you can actually execute in your classroom! LOVE THAT.
I highly recommend the book to everyone!
The book discusses the SIX common SIGN POSTS for students to NOTICE. 
This should be part of your summer reading!

I am intrigued by the Pirate book...I may have to use a gift card I received and get that one! It's getting RAVE reviews!
Come check me out on Instagram and Follow me on Bloglovin'...both links are on the side. Follow my Google thingy too, for kicks...I want to see what happens with that anyway. I read blogs thru Blogger. 

What are you all up to? Some of you I know from Instagram----which I happen to love having a glimpse into everyones' days! 
Next week may be easier for me...less softball, no dance for the kids, a party will be over, and my sis will be back in Cali.  (although quite sad about the last part)

I wish I could join the Bloglovin' Linky going on...but I ain't got too much in my TPT store yet. :( 

That's all for now!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

claiming blog?

Follow my blog with Bloglovin

Ok, so I've read a million posts about Bloglovin and didn't realize I had to claim my own blog!
but it's done now!
so maybe look at this as a test post??? OR as a reminder that you have to claim your blog?


I won AgAiN! Wednesday Website (and an App) Linky!

I am lucky in blogland!
First I won Graphics from the Pond's Giveaway and
Now I've won TPT Products from Learning to the Core!
Learning to the Core
They have fabulous products in their TPT Stores!
I haven't chosen exactly what I want, just yet (been too busy at home).
Those QR Code activities are looking mighty good...
Give them some love and go visit their store here (Aylin) and here (Amanda)!

Next up is Wednesday Website hosted by Tales from Outside the Classroom...

Well, this site is tried and true and I'm just a fan of it!
Fun Brain!
It's fun! It reviews! It's by subject! It's by Grade level! It has a Parent Page! It has a teacher Page!!!
FUNBRAIN is my GO-TO when the kids earn 100% on their Spelling Pre-test and don't have to take the Post test on Friday. They are allowed computer time while I'm giving the rest of the class the test. THEY LOVE IT...In fact...during Indoor Recess, they ask to go on.
It has Arcade style games... and little do my 3rd graders know....they are using strategies...problem solving... basic fact recall... basic grammar recall... so much!
Any who...that's a simple, fun, website.

As for an APP for iPads/iPhones/iPods...I highly recommend Apps Gone Free!

Each day Paid Apps go FREE! I have found some FANTASTIC apps for school and home! The nice thing is... if you have multiple iPads/iPods at school, you can tell your tech dept. that day and have them push the freebie to all the iPads/iPods...You can get some awesome apps for free!

I've been able to get $10 apps for FREE.
Now...apps I'm interested don't happen everyday...but it is soooo well worth checking everyday! I highly suggest your Tech Department get on board with this (if you have one) and YOU TOO!

Hope you find the website and App helpful in your classroom!

Head Over Heels for Teaching is celebrating her 300 followers with a FANTASTIC giveaway!
There are 40, YES 40 PRIZES from bloggers!!!
Head over there and ENTER! (just click on the pic below)

AND on a personal note... Yesterday was Little Kid's 9th birthday... and her last game for softball! YAY!
Mid-Kid and Little Kid have their dance recital on Friday night so dance will be over for the season! YAY!
Big-Kid still has a few more weeks of Travel Softball and we have an our of town tourney this weekend... the kids are excited to "get away" for the weekend.
Since Hubby got a new job (YAY-for real)...he can't take any days off... so this weekend is like a vacation for the girls (we are staying in a hotel for a night after all...with a pool).
I am excited sad that I can cross a couple things off the list and free up some time.

Follow me on Bloglovin' and of course Instagram! Those are blowin' up!
Enjoy your day! It's absolutely GORGEOUS out by me!

Friday, June 14, 2013

Five for Friday June 14

Linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching!

It may "seem" like I posted twice in one day...but the other Linky party doesn't count for today...why you ask??? Because I started the post on Thursday before midnight and finished after midnight...So it counts for Thursday (right?!?!).

It's been quite a week!
Here's MY five...

1. Scary Storms! We were pounded with 3 severe storms in a row over several hours! Severe Thunderstorm Warnings, Tornado Warnings, Flood Warnings. Glad we were all safe! The storms uprooted some of the flowers I JUST planted, so I had to shove them back in the soil...easy-peasy.
Here's one of the quick snapshots I took of the clouds.

2. Got my flowers planted FINALLY! They turned out pretty... and I spend lots of summer time on my front porch and back yard patio. Here are just a few....

3. I went to Walmart one day and was checking of the workers had these lovelies and I just asked if I could have them for my classroom! He let me take them! Oh the possibilities! Place Value, Money Unit-store...
So fun! Hubby just shook his head at me.

4. Reading a Book...I finished reading Notice and Note: Strategies for Close Reading by Beers and Probst. Has some great ideas and I really like the signposts. Now I need to plan my lessons...HOWEVER..the book comes with the Intro Lessons! NIIIIICE. I highly recommend the book!

5. Math Word Wall Cards...I'm making Cards to display in the room for easy reference. They are taking quite a bit of time...but I like them and I hope they help my colleagues or anyone else. They are CCSS aligned and also align with the My Math series.

WOW. Blogger is sssslllllloooooowwwww today!

Ten Pin Linky Party!

Well HEY! It's almost Friday! By the time I finish this post...It WILL be Friday...
but that just means I'm closer to going back to work...
While the summer is flying by already...I've been scouting out new ideas...
What better way than Pinterest and Linking up with Just Reed's Ten Pin Linky Party!

I haven't been pinning too much lately. I'm working on 3rd grade CCSS word wall cards that go with our new math series "My Math"...oh, and I've been enjoying my summer outside! But here's what I have...

1. New Door Sign! I found this cutie of a pin! I have all the supplies ready to make myself a new door sign...

2. School Girl's Style...Wrapping paper for bulletin boards! I used this the past year and LOVED it! I'm looking for new wrapping paper for my boards for fall!

3. Chair! Ok, I admit...I made this last summer...but it was such a hit! Everyone who noticed it, complimented the awesome chair. I took an old kitchen chair, sanded it, painted it, sealed it...and it's used daily by whoever is the Rockstar of the Week in class! The kids LOVE to sit in it!
4. Out of Room Notice...I need something noticeable...and I think this is easy and great! I would like to see if I can get this to work in the fall. I look at desks...not something on the wall to see who's in or who's out.

5. NO NAME clip...I need something for those no name papers. In the past, I hold them up or call on kids whose papers are missing... Maybe I'll try making a cute no name clip. One of my colleagues made one for her class....I wonder if she liked it....

6. DID YOU KNOW... I'm looking forward to this! I'm going to make it all Rock Star looking and have facts ready to go for fall! I'm always hearing my 3rd graders say..."did you know...", so this will be a fun way for fun facts...
7. Outside Door Decor! I need to decorate the outside of my door more are some great ideas!
8. Wall Stickers...I have come to love the wall stickers! I have decorated my desk and filing cabinet, walls, cabinets, etc. I'm always on the lookout for some on clearance! I have one set above my white board that reads "You are someone's reason to smile"
9. CARPET! I desperately need a new carpet for my gathering area. Last December one of my poor sickies got sick all over my carpet... Had my fabulous custodian roll that thing up and trash it. I couldn't keep way. So I've been hunting for carpet ideas.

10. READING BENCHES...Ok, so this is another one of my creations...but I just had to share it again! These were a success! We had old cabinets (the kind that go over a fridge or stove) and I had wood cut to fit on top...covered the wood with batting and fabric...attached with screws...and got TWO benches out of them WITH Storage (that's where I keep my clip boards). It really was I continue to be on the lookout for those kinds of cabinets to transform into seating! (my daughter sewed those pillows for me out of bandanas and extra fabric)
I hope it's not too awful that I featured two of my own things I pinned myself...But I just think those are worth mentioning!
Link up with Just Reed and share your pins!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Linky! I WON!!! Volunteer Gifts! and other stuff...

First of all- I WON! I WON! I WON! I'm so excited!
I love me some awesome clip art and a gift card too!
Gigantic thank you to Mel from Graphics from the Pond for the giveaway!
Her stuff is FABULOUS!
Go check it out!
Graphics From the Pond

Here's her TPT Store. I will definitely be using lots of the gift card in her store!

Next, Table Talk with C&C is hosting a weekly Summer Linky Party!
It's simple...Share what's going on with you over the summer!
Vacations, things you are working on for the new school year...whatever you want to talk about!

After Linking up, please visit the blog before you and two after... and leave a quick comment or follow their blog. We all love comments and follows!

For me, I have to ask WHERE ARE MY SUNNY SUMMER DAYS?! It's another dreary day in IL!

Yesterday Mid-Kid and I went in for a pedicure! Well, I got the pedi, she got the mani. Pretty summer toes...

 We spend LOTS of time at the softball fields in the's when Big-Kid's team was winning last Sunday (we ended up losing 2 games later)...gloomy, overcast, cold day... My daughter is in the center of the fence diamond-chatting between innings.

 For a BRIEF time, the sun was out so I brought our class pet, Bruce the Tortoise (home for the summer) out to the yard to chomp on some grass. Buster was welcoming sniffing and pawing Bruce back home.

THAT's MY summer So Far! I'll have more going on...haven't worked on any TPT things yet. Link up with C&C...I'd love to have a peek into your summer!

My Thank you gifts for volunteers...
I got the bags at Walmart... 4 little cloth-like bags for a buck.
I bought each volunteer 2 Scratch-off Lotto Tickets...
I found PayDay and 100 Grand mini candy wrapped Hershey Kisses, and Gold Wrapped mini Hershey Bars to add to the bags.
I attached the tag to the outside with some ribbon...

That's it! I was crammed for time and short on mulah, but wanted to give something to thank them for their endless time.
Sorry for bad picture...

The end of the year was bittersweet. I LOVED my class. LOVED. I will REALLY miss them.
The parents were ridiculously generous to me with gift cards and gifts.

Here's one gift that I received that I just love... CUTE bag...In that pic it's stuffed with our new math series.

Another gift I received is a garden globe...I will post that whenever I get my flowers done! I bought some to plant, but now it's raining. BOOOOO.

Most of these pics are on Instagram...which I'm slightly addicted to...
The apps I use to spice them up are "PhotoGrid" and "BeautifulMess".


Monday, June 3, 2013

JUNE Monthly GOALS---linky party!

I'm joining a great Linky hosted by I {heart} Recess.
I love it because it's about goals and since it's in the blogging world, I'm more likely to stick with it!
I {Heart} Recess
Here are my June Goals:

Personal: As I've already stated...I REALLY need to get my flowers planted! It's already June!

Family: I need to hang with my girls... not just be in the same room or area as them. I need to make sure I listen. Sometimes I get wrapped up in reading, or Candy Crush, or work stuff and I'm in the room, but not fully aware. Wow, that sounded sad. 

Health: With always being on the go, go, go...we eat out more than we should or eat crap for dinner. Time to eat better. Went shopping today and bought some good healthy foods to make. I also want to start walking.

School: Our district just adopted the My Math Series and gave us our teacher's manuals. I need to go through it and practice. I want to set up my math journal so I can be ready-to-go!

Blog/TPT: I just started blogging last summer and have learned lots throughout the school year. I always have lots to say and lots to share. I'm going to start with the goal of blogging at least 3 times a week.  I need to increase my followers! People stop, visit, make comments, but don't always follow. Hmmmm

Read: I'm reading The Rescue by Nicholas Sparks. Almost done. Notice and Note is a book for strategies on close reading by Beers and Probst---started months ago, haven't finished. It's very interesting, just got too busy.  The Guardian is another Nicholas Sparks book I received from a friend.


May CuRRentLY! {just that for now}

WOW! It's JUNE?!?!?!!! I'm LATE to the Linky Party over at Farley's!
I saw it right when she posted it...but was tooooo sleepy to get my thoughts together...then softball consumed our lives...
Here we go now! LINK UP... my dogs bark EVERY time hubby drives by with the mower! Seriously?! Have they never seen hubby mow the lawn?  And I keep yelling "SHUT UP!!!!" hahaha...then I hear a little whine from them like...fine, we will. In our house, we are only allowed to tell the dogs to shut one else.

LOVING...that it's summer break. I really don't like getting out this early. I'd rather go til early to mid-June and stay off longer in August. BUT I'll take it! And it's FINALLY sunny out! The whole weekend was dreary, cloudy, and rainy-ish.

THINKING...I really need to clean and organize. At the end of the school year...anything goes in the house.  Between ending the school year, two kids in softball, two in dance (one does both),  awards' nights at their schools... it just gets too busy to worry about a messy house. Hubby helps out A LOT and keeps the downstairs looking presentable... Oldest graduated 8th grade and is VALEDICTORIAN of her class! That's #1 out of over 420 in her 8th grade class! WOW! AMAZING! So, even though I'm not big on 8th grade graduations or parties...we are having one for her (and will have to for the other two when they get there). She's earned it... Little Kid's birthday is this month and I need to get that party started...wait...softball tourneys EVERY WEEKEND IN JUNE... not sure when to squeeze her bday in...

WANTING... some new summer clothes...enough said on that one. Mid-kid bought me a pedicure for Mother's Day, so we are going together to get our toes done this week! plant flowers. My flower beds and pots are currently hosting WEEDS. I am so embarrassed of my flower bed in the back! The prickly stinging weeds are taller than any of my perennials in there. It's BAD, the WORST I've ever seen in 10 years. It's so overwhelming, I don't even know how to attack!  

3 VACAY ESSENTIALS...Sunblock for my pasty skin (and I'm a sun lover), iPod-blaring some fabulous music, and my Camera for the millions of memories I like to capture. Even during the school year I take lots of pics...this school year I had over 800 pics of my students that I set to music for them in an end of year movie!

That's all for now...I have so much to share and blog about...I'll be back-sooner than later...