Friday, December 27, 2013

Snowflake Art!

I was inspired by a Pin on Pinterest…
this one---

For Christmas/Holiday/dontcelebrateanything gifts, my students made Snowflake art on canvases!
And let me tell you…
They turned out fabulous!
Here's my sample I created…

**Edited to add: I just realized that blue tack is deceiving… that blue tack is one of those GIANT tacks. HA! The painting is on an 8X10 canvas.**
-Went to Michael's and bought 3 packs of 10 8x10 canvases for $20 each (if I decide to do this again, I'll be purchasing each pack separately with a 40% coupon on each plus teacher discount).
-I also got silver crafting paint, assorted shades of blue, and a purple… I bought the medium sized paints (got the cheapest).
-Bought two colors of ribbon…light and dark blue for hanging.
-Used a staple gun to attach the ribbon/
-Bought two rolls of wrapping paper.
-Borrowed the paint brushes from the "Art/PTO room" shhhhhhhh ;)
-Used masking tape from school
-Used giant bulletin board paper for floor

First thing all the students did was put their name on the wood frame of canvas on back.
I called the kids to the long paper on floor in groups and spaced them out, since it was going to be a multi-step painting process.
And they painted a coat of silver to cover the canvas.
 Once that dried, students used masking tape to design the snowflake…

I modeled each step on the Elmo, then invited students to the paper…
Then students chose their paint colors and began painting…

SO MESSY! haha, but i loved every moment of it! and besides…that's what the paper was for…

Next, they carefully peeled off the tape. I don't think you should let it dry overnight…I'm thinking the tape would stick too much.
Here are the results! ALL IN ONE DAY (the painting part of it).

After school, I did go back and use the silver paint to touch up the bleeding parts on all the kids' paintings…it didn't take long. I didn't take a picture of the paintings after touching up…these are the "before touchups".
I let them dry overnight and the following day, the students chose their ribbon for hanging (I stapled the ribbon to the wood on back with a staple gun).
Then they wrapped the paintings up and attached a card!
I was and still am…SO IMPRESSED!
And I have to tell you that the kids were so excited over this gift!  I hope the parents enjoyed the art as much as the kids enjoyed making them!

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Enjoy your day!


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  1. Love the snowflake art! Super cute! Thanks for sharing about my giveaway :)