Sunday, December 15, 2013

Fun stuff happening…and learning too!

OK, so Monday ended up not-so-great…for my Cowboys anyway.
All my trash talking and blinking "Let's Go Cowboys" light really bit me in the butt.
Cowboys played their worst game and the Bears played their best. Boo.
Had a great time at the Bar though (it's a bar and grill/restaurant)… Ate a fabulous Burger, got razzed by a couple Bears' fans (some in good fun, some just ignorant), joined by some friends, my family, and...winner!
We all received free raffle tickets and the Bar raffled off "Beer Gear" each quarter (even the kids got a ticket).
Well the kids had had it by 3rd quarter…so we finished out the quarter and the Bar ended up finishing the raffle for 3rd and 4th at the same time…
My YOUNGEST won the "grand prize"!!!! HAHAHAHA! Hysterical! The grand prize was a stadium chair. She was too excited. She stood up and threw her hands in the air and screamed YES!
Here it is… It's actually a much better blue than the pic shows.
We are doing a novel study on The Velveteen Rabbit… Kids are LOVING it! 
They are so engaged and answering higher level questions! With support to back answers!
In math, we are learning about Pictographs…so we collected data from our class on favorite sundaes, created a pictograph, and interpreted the graphs with two sentences on the back.

We do not have art class at my school, so parent volunteers come in once a month and teach Art Appreciation. The parents give a presentation about the artist, then students complete an art activity. Since this month was about Dali, the parents taught his work, then students made Gingerbread Houses. They had their choice to make the houses traditional or surreal. Most students went with traditional. They had a blast! I enjoyed watching the creativity!
SNOW SNOW SNOW in Chicago!
It snowed…then it snowed some more.
We got around 5-6 inches. Kids were out in it all day Saturday… Today it's pretty frigid out. 
Here's some photo fun.

Today is my husband's 40th birthday. Last night, the girls made a banner to hang out front for when he came home from work in the morning. I'm so glad we took a pic last night, because the nasty wind broke it in half and ruined it. My youngest insisted on the "old man" part. 
Looked good while it lasted!


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  1. What a great story about your youngest child winning the Bud Light stadium chair - I got a laugh out of it! :) Also, I love the giant poster your family made for your husband's 40th! It looks GREAT - especially accompanied by all the Christmas lights! (Too bad the wind got to it, though!) Happy Holidays!
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