Sunday, December 8, 2013

Excited for MONDAY!!!! Yes I am! Genius Hour Presentations

I don't even know where to begin! What a week!
And I'm so excited for Monday! What? You think I'm crazy? Well I am a little crazy...
But you see, I live near Chicago and the Dallas Cowboys play the Bears Monday night and
I CAN'T WAIT! I LOVE the Cowboys! Tomorrow I will be wearing either my Romo jersey or my Aikman jersey (haven't decided yet).

My birthday was Friday and I saved my "birthday dinner" for Monday Night.
We are all going to a local bar and grill to watch the game (it's family friendly). My girls LOVE the excitement when a big game is on...and I'm sure I'll be one of the few in a Cowboys' jersey.
My team bought me the cookie cake---which was hysterical after lunch when all the teachers came back with blue mouths!  My daughter made me the monkey card. LOVE!

But anywho, last week was a great one. We started our novel study on Velveteen Rabbit and the kids are loving it! They brought in their "real" stuffed animals and they are writing a paper about how/why/when their animal or item became "real".

We also had two more Genius Hour presentations! The two students presented on magnets. They taught us how magnets work, what magnets are, and showed us a few things.
And another student presented on how to draw Luigi!
After the presentations, students got down to work! Looking forward to more projects. The kids are so proud and excited about their work!
We also studied an animal cell and completed an "Eggsperiment".
Students cracked eggs, cracked jokes, and located/explained the parts of an egg.
They were super excited! I was being pulled in all directions in the classroom because they wanted to show me the parts they found!

Another success is my favorite bulletin board!
After studying singular and plural nouns, I had the students choose a singular noun randomly.
They had to write the plural noun correctly and use the plural noun properly in a sentence. To grab this fun and easy activity, click on the bulletin board and it will take you to my TPT store for great price!
 And random fun. Had to post this pic of my cat. She looks like she's laughing at me!
She probably is laughing and this cracks me up!
 On Saturday, we went to our local bank for the traditional Santa Helicopter Fly In...
When we left the house it was a balmy 13 degrees. By the end it warmed up to 16. IT WAS SO COLD. My family laughed at me for only having my eyes peek out of my coat. Santa was about 20 minutes late (due to pilot being late-first time ever) we had been standing outside for about 30 minutes. BRRRR. We warmed up quickly when we went into the bank for some Santa time.
Sunday... Got a little snow and Little Kid couldn't wait to go out in it! She made a hill-if you want to call it that- and a snow angel... Snow is still coming down... not enough for a snow day.
Have a great week!

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