Thursday, December 26, 2013

13 in 2013

Linking up with some lovely ladies and reflecting on 2013! It's been exciting reading others' posts…hope you enjoy mine! (it took forever…but fun)

I love jeans and a comfy sweatshirt. My sweatshirt is so so so ratty and sewn in all kinds of places…it's currently in the wash…no photo (be happy).
We don't go out to movies much… We did go out and see Despicable Me 2 and that was funny!
I watch Elf several times a year….
My 12 year old daughter has recently taken an interest in Mean Girls, so I'm reliving that movie…over and over and over...
I love me some good TV…Here are just three of my MUST SEE TV…
Chicago Fire, Law and Order SVU, Scandal
Love me a chopped salad from Portillo's!

OMG! My have new thing is GENIUS HOUR!!!! Read all about it here and here … HEY, just go to the side and click on all my Genius Hour tags! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! and YOU will too!
This is tough. I am always grateful for everything I receive. 
Here's a pic I created and posted to Instagram…
This is a calendar my 4th grader made in school for us. 
There's a different poem each month!
Love it!
Haha! I realized that I never pinned this…I took a screen shot! 
Anyway… It's pinned now and we made these as parent gifts…
I'm working on a blogpost after this one…
about our classroom paintings!
They turned out FABULOUS!
I seriously have no "favorite" from the year. I love all my posts! For real. 
I love any of my posts that help others! Lately it's been my Genius Hour posts!
My best accomplishments from the year have all to do with my children…
First…My oldest was Valedictorian of her 8th grade class…
Um, that's number ONE out of over 420+ kids!!!!!
 She also pitched a no hitter in a tourney...

Middle kiddo sang the "Cup Song" and blew everyone away! 
(i was in tears)
And she was Student of the Month of all 6th graders (last school year, this calendar year)
Not only did Little kid have PERFECT ATTENDANCE,
She chopped off all her hair to donate to Locks of Love!
She did that all on her own thinking!

UGH, DO I HAVE TO PICK JUST ONE?!!? I'm always taking pics!
But I'm getting sleepy, so this is the one...
Although you can't really see my kids…this was a huge special moment for our family.
My husband has been a life long White Sox fan, so for Father's Day, we got him 
tickets for all of us to go to the game.
It was family day too, so the girls got to run the bases!
It was the first time! SO EXCITING!
THIS is it! A former student asked me to be her "Role Model"
for a Girl Scout meeting.
It was the most fabulous evening!
 I drove home that night feeling energized, inspired,
honored, humbled, and refreshed.

take it all in…all the time


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  1. Hi Autumn! Congratulations on having such successful children. Let's face it - they couldn't have done it without having such an amazing mom! I'm very intrigued by genius hour, too - I'm going to have to try it one of these days. Happy New Year!