Saturday, November 2, 2013

Monsters! Fact and Opinion, Currently November, and Five for Friday 11/2

It's Currently time…so link up with Farley and her monthly Currently Linky party

LISTENING- Kids are watching Fairly Odd Parents…I admit, that cartoon cracks me up!
LOVING- Made some Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls. House smells delish and they tasted delish! Am I a bad mom because I eat the middle rolls and give the kids the ends??? Meh, what they don't know won't hurt them <insert evil laugh here>
THINKING- We have daylight savings and we "fall back" an hour… In my world, we gain an hour and I'm going to get caught up on grading, get caught up on laundry, and get caught up on house stuff… all in that extra hour! Wish me luck!
WANTING- I need a duplicate ME. Not a sub… another ME. I don't know about you all, but this year has been very overwhelming… New Math series, Weekly Data Meetings, Common Core, Professional Development Trainings… Plus extra stuff our Principal puts on us. Even taking it day by day isn't really working…even trying to start each day fresh…isn't working. Going through the motions and I dislike it.
NEEDING- a day off… I'm well aware it's Saturday and tomorrow is Sunday with an extra hour to boot! I just feel like I need a day off… but I'm not sure from what. Does that even make sense?
YUMMY PIN- Found this pin a while ago and have made this simple recipe several times and it is so yummy! Here's the pic and link to the direct site… ENJOY!

ONE- I Need My Monster

EDITED TO ADD: this project was inspired by 
Matt over at:
LOVE this story! I read the story to my class with the lights off. I DID NOT show ANY pictures, they just heard the words. Each student had crayons and/or colored pencils out and a sheet of plain white paper. Their job was to draw Gabe according to the description they heard while I was reading. I ended up reading the story twice. (and now that I think of it…I forgot to go back and read the story to them and show the pictures! ha!)
After their pictures were complete, students had to write a story about Gabe being under their bed at night for Writer's Workshop (I modeled lots before turning them loose).
What I learned through this process is…my 3rd graders had a difficult time telling a STORY on paper. They just wanted to list things (which they thought was a story). 
Lots more conferencing and editing went on than I expected…
But it turned out great!  

TWO- Pumpkin Carving--- I love skulls, went with this for my Jack-o-lantern… I love it
THREE- GO 3rd Grade Team!
Our school wide Halloween theme went with our Year Theme "Running Down a Dream"… So the theme for staff was to dress up like runners… Well my 3rd grade team spiced it up a little and we became MINION MARATHONERS! Our marathon numbers are our room numbers. So fun! We were a hit amongst all the kids!
Here we are… 
FOUR- Day after Halloween… School's gotta go on…
At the last minute I decided to pass out "Easy Biographies" I had in my library…had students work in pairs to read the biography…make a chart of facts and opinions (current skill we are learning) from the book and present to the class. IT WORKED OUT SO WELL! 
We learned about so many people. There was great discussion about whether statements were statements of fact or opinion.

FIVE- Concluded my week with my youngest. While her sisters were at parties, we played Sorry! It was some not-so-hard-thinking fun way to wrap up the week while waiting to pick the other two up.
She won 2 and I won 2… we have to have a championship game…
Genius Hour Post tomorrow!



  1. What a packed post! I love your shares for the week from school but also think that we could all use a clone right about now at work (or really any part of our lives).

    Jennifer Smith-Sloane

  2. I hear ya on the duplicate me! I'm a pretty organized person and tend to go with the flow, but I feel like I'm totally living day to day and I'm not a fan! So much extra stuff that I don't feel like I even have time to teach!
    We're planning a mean Sorry tournament here tonight! I love playing that game with the kids!

    Always an Adventure in Kindergarten

  3. I completely understand needing a day off. I want to just lay around and not leave my house and not do anything, but I feel so behind that I can't take that day until I get caught up or else I will just stress about what I need to get done! A duplicate me would be great! Great post! I hope you have a great week!

    Teaching Through Turbulence