Sunday, November 3, 2013

Genius Hour Week Three- Grade 3!

Another week of Genius Hour in full effect!
Some students said "I'm done, now what" only to realize they weren't even close to being done.
One student wanted to know how diamonds were made. Well, she had nothing written down and created a paper diamond. My challenge for her was… A paper diamond? That's a great paper model, but what about attempting to make a REAL diamond? What will you need for that? She replied with…Well, I need coal. I said…OK, let's find some coal! It's ok if it doesn't work out, but don't you want to try to make a real one with what you know? She seemed on board with that.

My third grade colleague came in to observe how Genius Hour works…
She witnessed kids getting stuck and not knowing what to do next. She wondered if a sheet of questions would help…so I asked "what would you have the sheet say? because they filled out a plan form and I feel like another question or paper would defeat the idea".  She also asked me about a time line for passion projects. I just said that I was hoping some were done by Thanksgiving.
I did announce to the class that they had one more session of just research before starting to put the projects together… but now I'm not so sure I should have said that...

BUT this did make me ponder…and I'm glad she came in to ask me questions.
So I guess my response to the added guide is "that's where I come in as a facilitator"…to move them along.

Here's one project I took a snapshot of… (I was so busy facilitating, I didn't have a chance to take pics of progress)… This student loves art and drawing. Her original Passion Project was "did I get better at drawing" and I explained to her that we didn't want to judge her drawing abilities… eventually she agreed on making a form of clip art… this is her first drawing.
I'm still trying to figure out how to make clip art (for free).
brown line is just me blocking her name

Earlier in the week I dedicated a part of my bulletin board in class for a "Wonder Wall"… I shared the excitement for students to write right on the board! I told them to jot down their wondering questions as they came up in their heads... as long as they didn't do it during instructional times or times they are working with other students.
I'll grab a pic of that this week (forgot).

Even though I don't have to plan anything for Genius Hour…I am BUSY during Genius Hour! Facilitating. And I love to see and hear what the kids have to say!

Enjoy your week!

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