Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Genius Hour from Nov 8

We completed another day of Genius Hour.
I started by reminding my third graders of the goal they are trying to reach. I had to remind them to begin with the end in mind...(just quoted Covey right there- go Grad School '09).
I needed the students to work towards their end project. Some of them needed a push.
And I think it worked! Some are close to finishing or at least have made huge progress!
Again...Technology downfall... being blocked from just about everything! It REALLY stinks.
Since my students are familiar with Jim Curry's Thinking Skills and Self-Evaluation... I'm trying to get them to quickly say what they Liked Best about GH for the day, What they will do Next Time, and in what ways did they Go Beyond...
You can catch that blog post here.
Something to hold them accountable in a quick way.

Here's the bulletin board I dedicated space for students to write their Wonderings on...
It's still blank, but they seemed excited to be able to write right on it!

Taught some students how to work Prezi for their presentation. THAT excited them!
I NEED MORE HANDS to help in the room! Wishful thinking...
I'd say that at this point, there's nothing I'd change...
I'm sooooo looking forward to the FIRST presentations!
Til Next Time...


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