Saturday, October 5, 2013

Five For Friday, Currently, Plant Unit

Even though I'm late...I love Five for Friday! It's a quick recap of the week... and when you blog-hop, you get fantastic ideas to use in your classroom!
Here we go...
ONE... Plant Unit!
We've been studying plants in science. Here are some of the activities the students have completed.
Take a Lima Bean, Soak it in water for several hours...let kids dissect and find the parts of the seed... Seed Coat, Food for Seed, Seedling
Students picked a leaf from a tree in their yard. They brought it into school, used various resources to identify the tree it came from, researched the tree, found 5 facts, created a poster, attached real leaf
BIOSWALES- The school where I work has Bioswales. We define Bioswales and study the plants that have been planted in our Bioswales which are Native to Illinois. We go out to the parking-lot to identify the plants and use the iPads to take photos. The students then use those photos to create a pic-collage with their team and write facts about those plants. Students then explain WHY Bioswales are important to our environment and HOW they help clean up the run-off water before it hits the watershed. 

TWO... We went to a fall festival ON A SCHOOL NIGHT--- GASP!
My husband has work hours that don't allow us to do our family activities on the weekends anymore. So, we all snuck out on a school night and enjoyed one of our favorite fall fests!
 And OF COURSE the girls had to win another pet to add to our zoo of a household!
This is Fat Amy. She is a Hermit Crab.

THREE... Kids' Activities
Last weekend was Homecoming. It was Big Kid's first High School Homecoming Dance... Gorgeous.
There was also Mid Kid's Fall Choir Concert. So beautiful. The pic below shows the "grand finale" with all the schools on stage. The whole performance was amazing!

FOUR... Non Fiction Activity
Using the Interactive Reading Notebooks, students located non fiction text feature in leveled readers and noted them with Post-Its. Students then shared with classmates and had to explain WHY non fiction text feature are important in helping us comprehend
 Had to share this little gem! A lovely little girl brought me this happy pumpkin! I love it! I've been pretty spoiled by students this week. I didn't take any pictures of all the FRESH apples I've received from their family trips to apple orchards (apples got eaten before I could take a photo-hahaha)
FIVE...View of my drive...
I was stopped and had to click a few pics of a part of my drive home from work.  These photos don't even do the view justice.
This is my favorite part of my drive to and from work.

It's Currently October?!?!?!
I'm linking up with Farley and her ever-so-popular Currently party!

LISTENING- I got my $301.50 Scholastic order yesterday that earned my class over 10,000 bonus points! I naturally ordered some extra books with bonus points and my youngest reads them before they hit my shelves at school. She started a chapter book last night before bed, and finished it when she woke up. She's so proud of herself.
LOVING- Unless I screwed up somewhere...I have NO PLANS today!!! And I'm stickin' to it!
THINKING- I have several friends, family, and acquaintances who need extra prayers their way. I'm sending prayers to my loves dealing/coping with cancer, my loves just dealing with the flu-bug, my loves who are blessed with pregnancy... Praying for great mental and physical health to all of you!
WANTING- Ok, as much as I LOVE summer, I am ready for a normal fall. This 88 and crazy humid in October is just too much for me. Tomorrow is supposed to drop to the 60's...can't we ease into the nice fall weather?!?!?! And some new shoes would be nice.
NEEDING- I need a color and cut...
TRICK OR TREAT- A trick I use often is screen shot. On my iPhone and iPad I take lots of screen shots of people's ideas I find. They've come in handy for anchor charts I want to make (and need a little guide), ideas I want to use, etc. It's been my GO-TO lately.


  1. Oh yes! The screen shot is a life saver when finding teaching gems on the phone :)

    Tales From Two 2nd Grade Classrooms

  2. We'll be starting our plant unit some time next week...fingers crossed...and I like those ideas you did with your class. I teach 3rd grade too!

    Teach on a Limb

  3. I love using screen shots as well. I just began doing this 2 weeks ago and it has been a life saver!
    I loved reading your post.
    TGIF-Third Grade Is Fun