Thursday, September 19, 2013

Sept 11, Hair, Shedd, Twitter

DANG! It's been 17 days since I last blogged! I almost drowned in the sea of work!
But I made it to shore and all is well!
AND there is so much going on! So much to be excited about!

Let's start with September 11th.
When I moved to a new school in my district, my team came up with an activity to bring all the 3rd graders together. I've blogged about this before.
It was so strange to be teaching kids who weren't even born yet when the tragedy of 9/11 happened.
I gathered my students on the carpet and we discussed What makes us feel safe and made a chart.

We then read aloud September 12th We Knew Everything Would Be All Right 

After a little discussion about the book, we talked about heroes in our lives.
Each student then traced their hands on paper (my class was in charge of blue).

On the right hand, the students wrote "Thank you (name of hero)"
On the left hand, students wrote "My hero is (name of hero)"
They cut out their hands and all five 3rd grade classes gathered in the cafeteria so teachers could hang the hands as an American Flag.
While teachers hung hands, the students worked on cards for our LOCAL HEROES! They were able to choose from a police officer, fire fighter, or EMT (kept it easy for delivery purposes).
After hands were all hung, we all gathered outside for a big photo opportunity!
Next up...HAIR
My youngest daughter had beautiful, long, blonde with strawberry hi-lites hair. I wanted to trim the ends and she refused! She said she needed it as long as possible to donate to Locks of Love, which turns the hair into wigs for children with cancer.
Sooooo, my hairdresser came over to my house and chopped Lil' Kid's hair off!
She cut 10 inches for us to send in.
Here's the before and after...

She looks so grown up to me now with the short bob! I LOVE IT! And
I'm sooooo proud of her for wanting to do this... ALL ON HER OWN!

Students who completed their summer learning were able to join teachers on a Field Trip to the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago. We had a blast! All I heard was
Mrs. 'Autumn' check this out!
Look over here!
WOW! Did you see this?
I was being pulled in all directions by excited students!
However, I noticed that a couple of my students didn't really look at anything alive! I was SHOCKED. I couldn't quite understand how you can't look at Ginormous fish looking at you or swimming right by your face! These two students played on the technology/info thing-a-ma-bobs... BUT they weren't using them to find out more info about the fish they were seeing, they were just messing around.
It made me so sad that they'd rather play with those (and not accomplishing anything) than check out a shark up close.
But the rest of us had a blast! The new section was AMAZING...Wild Reef (I think it was called).
I am LOVING that I actually know how to use it to my advantage!
I've been on Twitter for years...but thought it wasn't valuable...
OMG! You should do it!
At first, I just hung out and watched the magic happen.
My first was #tlap (Teach Like A Pirate)
There are moderators who pose questions for discussion with a Q1, Q2, etc.
Then people (including yourself) jump in and respond to the questions with answers A1, A2, etc.
The ideas that are thrown around by REAL authors and Fantastic educators are UNBELIEVABLE!
AND you "walk" away feeling FABULOUS! Just wait til you join one and someone clicks the star and makes YOUR TWEET a favorite! Or replies! Or FOLLOWS you back!
How honored am I to have Dave Burgess (author of Teach Like A Pirate) following little ol' me?!?!? And Superintendents of schools from all over! It's so wonderful!
When the hour goes by (that's how long they usually last) are totally PUMPED to walk into work the next day! Your mind is going crazy with new ideas and things to try OR just the pride that you contribute to others!
With that... I am starting something NEW in my class SOON. AND I'M SO EXCITED about it!
You will hear alllll about it... But I need to work out a few things.
Happy much deserved almost weekend!
Enjoy your Friday!

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