Monday, September 2, 2013

Currently, Five for Friday, Swoon

Can not believe it's already September!
And I'm linking up with Farley's Currently...

LISTENING- The girls are downstairs and I can hear them discussing some kind of strategies on a game they are playing. Sounds cute...and they aren't arguing.

LOVING- After work Friday, I stopped at the bar with friends. It was sooo nice to de-stress and chit chat. Stayed a couple hours just talking and laughing and talking and laughing...Then went home and went out to a nice dinner with hubby and 2 of the kids. It was a great end to the week.

THINKING- I have LOTS to do today. Plans, groceries, trace guitars (wait-that's what my kids are for), find some mentor texts for Signposts... We had a cold front go through last night and it's beautiful out...I just want to hang out in the hammock...I'll for sure take a break out there!

WANTING- Just want to get my plans done. It's another inconsistent crazy week.

NEEDING- Grocery Shopping. I HATE grocery shopping!

LOVE YOURSELF-  This was a difficult category for me.
1. I have been missing my hubby. We are so busy with the kids' schedules and me back to work and his work hours suck. So it'll be difficult (he works Fri Nights, Sat Nights, Sun Nights)...but I need to have at least 2 nights this month for just us.
2. I really want and need to get walking. I keep saying I'm going to do it and I make excuses.
3. It makes me happy when laundry is done. I hate going into the basement and seeing all that laundry pile up. So I'm going to try to keep up. With 3 girls and changing for sports and out of school clothes...and a hubby who changes a million times a makes keeping up difficult.
(that's really all I could come up with-and it was a struggle...I put myself last...but I'm ok with it...I keep up with the things I truly want to keep up with)

AND I'm late, but I am linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for Five for Friday (which is going to turn into more than 5)
Since I blogged last...I got my Frixion ERASABLE Markers! AND I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE THEM!
I can write in my plan book in MARKER! And it doesn't bleed through and it ERASES! I've never had such a colorful plan book! LOVE! Got them on Amazon and they shipped from Japan... Shipped right away, but took a couple weeks to get here.

Back to School and a local church sent over a custom cake and cupcakes! HOW SWEET! Isn't this ADORABLE! What a way to put a smile on everyone's faces!!! Look at those cutie cupcakes! They are little apples!

Sharp Students-At the beginning of the year I tend to focus a lot on goals and what the kids are good at...
So with Sharp Students...the kids pick whatever they are "Sharp" at...home or school. Here's the finished bulletin board.
Found this AWESOME corner table at Dollar General for $12. It's EXACTLY what I was looking for! It's a cheapy table, but will last and I LOVE IT! Since I've taken the pic, I've added a couple of things to the shelves...
And here are some students silent reading the way it's supposed to look

We have AWFUL Triangular shaped desks. They are so hard to group and just an overall pain in the tooshy. I have the kids make "offices" for privacy for tests or for times they want to use them.
I have them decorate manilla folders to their liking.
Then I laminate all the folders and cut...
The kids keep them in their desks and they last all year long. They don't fall over (lamination keeps them stiff).
Yes, I have a class set of the fancy privacy shields from Really Good Stuff...but they don't work on the desks.
Curriculum Night... We have an open house before school starts where the kids and parents check out the classroom...and there's Curriculum Night when the parents come in and learn about specific classroom procedures...
I give a Power Point Presentation about everything Mrs. Autumn 3rd Grade...
Before parents come in, I have the students write to their parents. I don't give too much guidance except...the first paragraph has to talk about something they enjoyed doing with their family over the summer, the second paragraph has to be about goals for 3rd grade, and the last paragraph invites the parents to help with organization, homework, and behavior.
Then...the parents respond on the back of the letter. The kids and the parents crack me up! Some were soooo funny and some were just sweet...
Here's ONE example of what a student wrote to her parents and TWO examples of parent responses...

I thought it was so sweet of a parent to call me "pretty"!!! I've been teaching 16 years and just thought this was super sweet.

I'm a huge fan of Dave Burgess, the author of Teach Like a Pirate.
I got the blinking notification on my phone that "Dave Burgess is now following you on Twitter"! WHAT?! How exciting! He's like a celebrity! I told my friends that I feel like I have to say something intelligent on Twitter...
If you haven't read Teach Like a Pirate...READ IT. It's inspirational... no matter how long or short you've been teaching. There's lots in the book I feel like I already do in my classroom (like-I'm crazy and enthusiastic) it was a confirmation of what I'm doing is good...AND I got lots of great new ideas or things to ponder. LOVE IT! READ IT! It's a super easy read...I'm on my second reading (first time was in I'm revisiting now).

WOW. This was a looong post... And I'm so happy I was able to stick to only 5... HAHAHA.
Later! Enjoy your work-free Labor Day (who am I kidding, really).



  1. I ADORE TLAP!! Such a great book and I feel I should reread it every week, it's so inspirational :) I went out with my friends on Friday, too, and it was so wonderful- I need to keep that up throughout the school year since it's so easy to slip into work mode! Enjoy your Monday off :)

    3rd Grade Thoughts

  2. Hi Autumn. Thanks for the comments. I agree - $3,000 for rent - even though it's split between 4 of them - it's WAY TOO MUCH $$$. Plus I saw the apt. yesterday, and it's a DUMP! I called my son to ask him if he's ready to move home yet, but he claims to LOVE the new place. Oh, well, as long as a rat doesn't appear on the scene.....then we'll see how much he LOVES the apt.
    I can't wait to get the first day of school under my belt - so much anxiety beforehand.