Sunday, August 4, 2013

WINNERS! And Rock Star of the Week

First, I have the WINNERS of the $10 Target Gift Card and the Mystery Box of Goodness!

Jen C. won the Mystery Box of Goodness...
I'll snap a pic before sending and post it later.

Katie S. won the $10 Target Gift Card!
Spend it on YOU or on your classroom! Whatever you like! Woo hoo!
Congrats to both!
Last year my 3rd graders LOVED being Rock Star of the Week! They got to sit in this awesome chair for the week...
Every Thursday or Friday, I send home this letter to Parents explaining what's in store for the following week. You can grab this letter in my TPT Store. Just click on the pic to take you there.

They filled out an "All About Me" Poster and brought it in on Monday for display. Before I displayed it, the Rock Star would present it to the class. What an easy way to get in front of the class and practice speaking and listening! 
The student also brings in his or her "Grammy". This is basically a Show and Tell. Then, if they wanted me to, I would keep it displayed right by my desk on top of the filing cabinet. I don't know why, but they loved this! 
These are the Posters I purchase. I have seen lots of various posters on TPT, but the store bought ones work for me. The posters I like to use are by Scholastic.
Tuesday is Paparazzi Day. The student brings in 5 photos of choice to display in picture frames I made.  All I did was take some lamination (from work...the wasted amount on the ends), cut it to the preferred size, folded, and used pink zebra print Duct Tape to seal the sides (and frame it out). I left one end open to simply slide photos in. This way the photos aren't ruined.

On Wednesday, the Rock Star brings in a favorite book to share.

Thursday is Backstage with... The parents (and even siblings wrote) write a letter about the Rock Star and send it to school in a sealed envelope for the teacher to read aloud to the class! THIS IS MY FAVORITE PART OF THE WEEK! Some letters brought sweet tears to my eyes, some brought laughter tears to my eyes! Parents were creative or simple or just sweet or busted out their child (in a fun way) in front of the class. 

Friday is Fan Club and Music Day. For the Fan Club part, I trace and cut out a guitar for the student, place their photo from the first day in the center and each student writes something positive about that student on the guitar...I make sure to write a little something too! On the back, I glue the letter from Backstage with... and finally laminate for the Rock Star to remember their special day. The student is also allowed to bring in school appropriate music (no swearing or violence) and I play the music choice throughout the school day.
Here's a sample of the guitar from last school year...

That's all for today! I have some school things to prepare since I'm heading in for the first time tomorrow! Wish me luck! I'm feeling overwhelmed and I haven't even gotten there yet!


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  1. I love your rockstar of the week for having a "student of the week" in your classroom. Students absolutely love having their own week to be recognized, and you've put together such a complete and creative way to do so! ~Deb
    Crafting Connections