Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Monday Made It Linky and First Day in Classroom

I'm linking up with 4th Grade Frolics...late again...but I was tired and had a huge headache after my first day back at work!

Here's my Monday Made It...Birthday Goodies!
For years I've made these little birthday treats and the students have LOVED them.
First- you have to collect paper towel and toilet paper rolls-enough for your class (I make a few extra).
Then I keep an eye out for good bargains to stuff inside those tubes. I always get bouncy balls. I usually get mini pens or pencils, some sort of sucker (even though we aren't supposed to use candy at school), and confetti (Rock Star from Party City).
Here's what I picked up this summer...

As you can see, I got mini pens AND pencils. Michaels had pencils and erasers on clearance plus my discount! I picked up the pens at Walgreens for a dollar per pack of 6. The boom box erasers are from Target Dollar bins, bouncy balls I found at Walmart and Party Like a Rockstar homework passes I made myself.  I didn't pick up these things all in one day. I keep an eye out for stuff as I shop for other things.

For easy assembly, we set up an assembly line...I wrap some tissue around the tube using two small pieces of tape and tie off one end, then one of my children help stuff. I guess Big Kid and Mid Kid are too old to help... Here's Lil' Kid helping me...
After she stuffs everything, I tie off the other end and we're done! I place all the stuffed tubes in a basket at work and leave it on a shelf. When it's someone's birthday, we sing a quick happy birthday and the birthday girl or boy can choose out of the basket...
It's exciting for the students to "pop" open the tube! They always want to bring home the confetti.
And even though all the gifts are pretty much the same, they still get excited for every birthday in our classroom!

I didn't get to Monday Made It yesterday because I went into my classroom for the first time to set up. I brought my girls and Big Kid's friend to help out with the tedious stuff. I had a list to complete...BUT supplies weren't there, I couldn't print from my computer, and someone screwed up the laminator. GRRR.
BUT I did get lots accomplished...could have gotten more accomplished if the world cooperated.
I had the girls unpack all the book bins and load them up on the shelves.
They stuffed my flattened bean bag and started passing out student books.
While I was trying to print (ended up borrowing a team mate's computer) and fighting with the laminator (more on that later)...
THIS is what the kids were up to!
Seriously?! These are highschoolers! Ha ha ha.
Back to the LAMINATOR... So I'm printing away and ready to laminate...it's jammed. A teacher in the building must have laminated and screwed up. THere was lamination wrapped around a roller...wrapped and wrapped!
ONE would THINK the guilty party could have left a STICKY NOTE on the machine to say "out of order" or "broken" or SOMETHING.
SOOOOO, one of the bestest custodians who knows what she's doing...but doesn't want me to spread the word...helped me Fix the machine! It took us an HOUR to get it back to normal.
What lesson do you take away??? If you mess up a machine and no one is around to tell...LEAVE a  NOTE ON IT! Duh. 

Here's a before and after shot of what I got done on day one... 

Now, without painting all my red, blue, yellow book bins, I need to come up with a simple way to make them match my teal, purple, hot pink, and other Rock Star colors... I'm thinking of making new book bin labels since some are donned with sticky notes...

Got a good start...but LOTS to do!
Here's an AWESOME Triple Play Giveaway by 4th Grade Frolics, Run Miss Nelson and Farley!!!

Enjoy your days of unpacking and decorating!


  1. Wow Autumn,

    Your classroom looks amazing! I'm glad I found your blog! The birthday treats are such a great and simple idea. I bet your students can't wait till it's their birthday! Do you have a special event for summer birthdays? Summer birthdays are tricky!

    I'm your newest follower! Love your blog!

    Seconds at the Beach

  2. What a cute idea to give to the kiddos. I bet they love them! I just let my kids stand on the tables(like your picture above) and we sing to the birthday student. They LOVE breaking the rules on their birthday.
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  3. I love your reading nook! I can't get into my classroom until Tuesday. I'm loving these ideas.