Saturday, August 17, 2013

Five For Friday, Saturday Snapshots, BTS13 SALE, Freebie

Five for Friday AND SATURDAY Snapshots! And I'm a little late on the Friday Linky...
But nonetheless, I am here and linking up with Doodle Bugs and Run! Miss Nelson's Got the Camera!
It's been quite the week!

ONE- Big Kid started HIGH SCHOOL! My HS already...sigh...
So far...she likes it! BUT the poor girl woke up with a nasty migraine today (Saturday). 
Here she is with friends walking to school...
TWO- We went to Find Your Way Day for Mid Kid. They go and get schedules, locker number/combo... and find classes. She tried out for "honors choir" and made it! 
Hubby and Big Kid thought it was funny that they turned around the locks of kids of left them immature! (Sorry if it was your kid-tee hee).
THREE- Made a FABULOUS Pennant Banner for my class! I LOVE It! It says 3rd Grade Rocks! and is available for grades 1-6 in my TPT store...You can get it by clicking on the picture. It features Melonheadz and Graphics by the Pond! LOVE (for sale on Sunday-Monday-just sayin').
How I made it... Printed...cut out the triangles...then laminated...cut out... punched holes in top and strung (is that a word) a sequined ribbon of pink and green through...I admit...the sequins were a pain in the butt! BUT I love how it turned out! You can't really tell by my not-so-good photo, but it sparkles from the ribbon. I chose to string it through the's some closeups...
I forgot to snap a pic of my bulletin board I used it on...but will remember sometime next week! It turned out super, super cute!

FOUR-Dang, I'm on 4 already... I made a little back to school, welcome back, it's gonna be a fab year...kind of gift for my teammates. You know...start the year off on the right foot! 

Found those personal sized tissues at Walmart. There was a big display of them. 
Mid Kid and I were there and cracking up at all the different choices! 
This is what I narrowed my choices down to... I felt each one fit my teammates. They seemed to enjoy them (I had my children "secretly sneak" the packages on the teachers' desks for a fun surprise).
I also placed a note pad and pencil inside.
You can grab the little notes for FREE in my TPT Store...Just click on one of the pics above and either will take you there!

FIVE- We had our Open House on Wednesday! Almost all of my new students stopped by! Lots of past students stopped in too (along with their parents). It was very nice (we aren't required to go to open house-not a paid day)... Well, some past parents stopped in (at least 7!!!!!) and they were chatting with my new parents and saying all these fabulous things about me! WOW. I have lots to live up to! 
One past parent said to me... "All the teachers here are nice, but you are inspirational". 
I got a little teary-eyed.
I don't want to be known as a nice or fun or tough teacher...
I want to be known as an inspirational teacher who makes kids think and WANT to learn! Who challenges their matter their level.
I did love the compliments I received...even though I'm not too good at receiving compliments.
Came home feeling GREAT.

SIX OR transitioning to Saturday Snapshots???- Ok, I know it's only supposed to be five... But gurrrrrlll, I got my hair done! I got some low-lites, and hi-lites...and a trim... Here's a goofy looking picture of me... HAHAHA. Terrible Pic, but it was the one I sent my sis to show her my colors.
SEVEN/Snapshots-Went to a bakery...Got cupcakes, donuts, cookies, pastries... If y'all live near Chicago Ridge in IL... I recommend stopping at Doughs Guys Bakery (I do not live was a long drive, but I wanted to check it out in person and give some love...especially because I would receive some goodies)!
Here's another pic...I look awful (that's before hair appt and I have a dumb look on my face)...
but whatever.

I'm joining the BTS13 Sale on TPT!
3rd grade teachers...grab those Math CC vocab cards for your wall!
Everyone grab that pennant banner!
Some other goodies in there too!!!
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  1. Those tissues are awesome! Your little goodies for teachers and kids turned out awesome! Looks like you had a great week :)

    Plus, any week that ends with a bakery trip is an A+ in my book :) Love it!

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  2. Yum that bakery looks awesome. Your hair does too! Those tissues are cute. Thanks for linking up today.

  3. Those tissues are too funny! Love the new hair!


  4. I love your 3rd Grade Rocks banner! I'd love to do that in my Rockstar room!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

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