Saturday, August 10, 2013

BTS, Linky, Linky

I'm hearing lots of you are bummed you didn't join in on the Back to School Blogger Exchange hosted by
Well, it was really exciting! I was under some real pressure having one of the hostesses as my Blogger Exchange! I had Ms. Smith! 
AND Ms. Smith had me! It was so fun receiving a package in the mail! I was like a little kid! And I tore into the wrapping... to reveal an awesome box, I can use, filled with greatness!

Loving the Zebra Print Spiral and clips! Cute mini clipboard and colorful notepad/pen... 
Let's see...Hubby STOLE my Ice Breakers... Little Kid STOLE my Goldfish... and Big Kid keeps saying "Mom, just give me the trail mix"... NO THESE ARE MINE! MINE! MINE!...leave them alone! Why is it when *I* get family thinks it's up for grabs?! And they wonder why I hide things...
So go and check out Adventure's of Ms. Smith!

Her blog has been around for quite some time and she has accumulated some fabulous posts! And she has a huge following (so jealous)!
Thank you to Ms. Smith and Covered in Glitter and Glue for organizing such a fun exchange!
I am excited to visit every blogger (and follow them) who participated to check out what they got.

Visited with my parents, sister and her kiddos at my parents' farm. Mid Kid is giving Rosie some hay.
This is Abby...wanting to get out and run in the pasture... 
My parents have lived on the farm for about ten-ish years...I've never walked all the way out to the back of their property to the creek. So we went exploring...walked in FLIP FLOPS through cut straw (ouch on the legs-all cut up) and here are two of my kids and my niece walking down the hill to the creek. They kicked off their shoes and waded through the water. 
The horses were let out to the pasture and were running around... 
Very pretty at their house... Didn't have this growing up!
Made my book bin labels...I have your typical red, blue, yellow book bins and they don't really match my decor...but what can I say? I got them at Dollar Tree for a buck each...
Thought I'd use MelonHeadz pencils...make them nice and fat and label them to cover some of those not-so-matching colors...
BETTER! Love them! I laminated them and just attached them with clear packing tape that I bought at Walgreens for $.99! Which is a STEAL... That carpeting is hot pink/fuscia zebra print...can't really tell with the sun coming through the windows.
The fest is this week and Mid Kid performed there for Poms and we went to the Carnival after the performance. Little Kid is my daredevil. She will go on alll the rides. While she was on the Ferris Wheel with friends, THE POWER WENT OUT in the whole carnival!!! What?! One of the transformers blew and went up in smoke (literally)... Hubby about had a heart attack with his baby girl stuck up there...
After 10 minutes, they got the power back on and Little Kid didn't even know she was stuck. HA! Below, Little Kid is riding the Matterhorn with friends...blurry because it was going sooo fast. We all had a blast!
These are my Locker/Cubby tags. I LOVE how they turned out! Got the little iPods from Graphics from the Pond. I love Mel's stuff! I've been asked to post these to TPT, but I don't know how to do Editable....yet.
I am so proud of my accomplishments yesterday! 
Got my desk name tags, birthday certificates, grading check list, mailbox labels, some laundry DONE...
AND ran errands, got crickets for the Bearded Dragon, ran kids around...
Destroyed a wasp hive...with my allergic to bees self... without dying
AND laid in the sun, made dinner...and other in between things... (like a few rounds of Candy Crush, Pinterest-----haha)...
Feeling pretty good...  
What do you have going on?!


  1. Love the patterned box and you can't go wrong with all of those treats to stash in your desk ;)!

    The Second Grade Superkids

  2. Girl, you are hilarious! Thanks for the kind words. I'm glad you liked your box! =) I am LOVING everything in mine.

    I am so excited to have made a new bloggy friend through this experience! I hope we can keep in touch! I'll definitely be keeping up with you during your blog this year!!

    Thanks so much for participating and linking up!
    Ms. Smith
    Adventures of Ms. Smith

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