Wednesday, July 24, 2013

What I'm Loving, What I'm Reading, Birthday Certificates

I can not believe I have to go into work in a week to start setting up my classroom!
We have open house on the is still on summer hours so it's closed every Friday...Since it's still on summer hours...they close up the building at 3.
I have so much to do. I mean, it'll get done and all, but I'm getting a little nervous.

With that said...I'm linking up with Covered in Glitter and Glue for What I'm Loving Wednesday.
One thing I'm loving this week is the hike we took today at Starved Rock. You may have seen my Instagram or FB or Twitter and see my post about hiking over 6 miles and we saw about 4 canyons. It was GORGEOUS out! Perfect day! Here's a few pics...
Look how tiny they look in this canyon!
Pretty waterfall and girls are exploring.

Another thing I'm loving is the weather. I LOVE HOT, but this cooling off has been nice too! I'm actually sitting here with windows open in sweats and a hoodie. Earlier today, I took my daughter to Poms Practice from 6-8, then hubby decides to let my 3 girls invite whoever they'd like over for s'mores.  Just getting was fun though.
Everyone was a sticky mess and the gorgeous evening turned out to be full of giggles and roars of laughter.
Making s'mores with friends.

I'm also enjoying a new release CD...Fight or Flight. shhhhh, i really don't like heavy metal.... BUT I do like some great rock...and Fight or Flight has some great rock! 
I looooooove Chandler's voice, Donegan's guitar, and Wengren's drums...I may or may not personally know one of the guys!
Super exciting right?  Well, give the CD a listen...I like it and not because I know one of them (cuz i wasn't a huge fan of the previous HUGE band which was more metally and screamy-like). 
I just like it and I've been listening non-stop.

NOW on to a linky with 3rd Grade Thoughts...What I'm Reading...
(OMG, IT'S NOT A LINKY!!!! When I went to link's NOT a linky..LOL! Well, I'll give a quick review anyway!!!!)
I've been reading lots of books this summer...pleasure and work...
I've read Teach Like A Pirate...(loved)...STEM Lesson Essentials by Vasquez, Sneider, Comer (still reading and giving me lots to think about)... and 
Notice and Note Strategies for Close Reading by Beers and Probst

This book is realistic and makes sense. 
Beers and Probst walk you through The Questions they Pondered...
Here are some of the questions they pose...
Is reading still reading?
What is the role of Fiction?
Where does Rigor fit?...
What is Close Reading?
Must Everyone read the same book?

They found there to be Notice and Note Signposts. The dig deep into six signposts...
Contrasts and Contradictions
Aha Moments
Tough Questions
Words of the Wiser
Again and Again
Memory Moment

What I love about this book is it thoroughly explains the six signposts, gives real classroom examples, thoughts to ponder, lesson plans, and graphic organizers.
Between this book and the seminar I attended by Tim Shanahan I feel more comfortable with teaching close reading and have a better understanding of close reading. 

Not only have I been reading lots, I've been creating some things for my classroom. As you may know, I'm doing my Rock Star theme again. I LOVE it! I still give out birthday certificates complete with name filled out, to the birthday boy or girl...and a little gift to go with it. I'm big on birthdays. They are special. I will start putting together my gifts soon...I've posted what I do for gifts here
Until then here's what I created for my birthday certificates...they are available on TPT.

And as I get ready to publish this post....I GOT AN EMAIL! 
I received my Back to School Blogger Exchange PERSON!!!!! 
SO EXCITED! I hope I can deliver something the person will LOVE...
I wonder who has ME?!?!?! I wonder if I gave my real name???? 


  1. It is always worrying if you are going to get everything done before school starts, but you will - you know you will! I found out I was teaching 1st grade 2 days before school started once, new school, new classroom and some how I got myself organised - I know you will too!

    Very cute birthday certificates!

    Teaching Maths with Meaning

  2. Mmmm, now you have me hungry for s'mores! Starved Rock looks amazing!

    Read With Me ABC

  3. Hi Autumn! First, thanks for visiting my blog! I've stopped by to check yours out, and now I am following you, too! You are a natural blogger - I thoroughly enjoyed reading your post (and got a chuckle out of "The Linky that WASN'T". Your photos from Starved Rock were amazing - it's going on my list of places to visit!
    Look forward to connecting again, Deb
    Crafting Connections

  4. Hi Autumn - I can tell you that I didn't get you - I got someone from California. I'm thinking of going to Lakeshore this afternoon to pick up some treats for her - especially since it's cloudy and cool - no pool for me today.

    Where is that amazing canyon?

    I agree with the live-in maid, too - we do need someone to take care of us,
    susan k.

  5. Autumn - Wow! What an amazing canyon! We have mountains here in VA - but NOTHING like that! I love reading your blog - I have been in 3rd for 3 years, teaching for going on 7! I feel your pain - we go back to work August 5th, and out of our 3 workdays- two are in training! The building will be open for one day next week, and I will be there for EVERY moment! I know it always gets done, but I always stress about my classroom until it is set up! Our students first day is August 12 this year-- too soon! Love reading your post -- come on over and check me out:

  6. Autumn,

    So happy I got to check out your blog and I'm excited to say I'm your newest follower. I can't wait to read more. :)