Friday, July 12, 2013

The Curriculum Project's Mr. Curry and Common Core Math Vocab!

Well, HELLO! I've been noticeably absent in the blogging world! 
I've been quite visible on Instagram!
My school district has been hosting some Summer Learning opportunities for staff! AND I LOVE IT!

Yes, nerd alert...
Not only do I get to attend some seminars/workshops/presentations at no cost out of my pocket...but I even get a stipend!!! How great is that?! AND we get Professional Development credit!

This week I attended a presentation of The Curriculum Project by Jim Curry.
IT WAS FABULOUS! He was so funny and I loved his stories. And seriously the kindest man who TRULY wants to help teachers! (I highly recommend him for in-services)
So, what'd I take away from these 5+ hours?
For one, I am doing a lot of things right! I didn't realize that much of what I do is spot on-but not labeled or I'm not using the correct terminology...

I appreciated the way Mr. Curry walked us through step by step on writing Learning Objectives. Sure, I learned this stuff in college... but not the way Mr. Curry presented it!
This is Mr. Curry, passionately talking about curriculum.

Is it the content you want as most important? The outcome/product? The thinking skill?
I never looked at writing objectives that way. To me it was always....The students will (do this)...blah, blah, blah. Depending on what YOUR goal is for the students, that's how you write the objective.

Here are some of my examples that I wrote during our practice time (don't be too judgy on mine-I was writing quickly and it IS summer after all)...

Content important: In their study of plants, the students will be able to hypothesize if a seed needs light to germinate and to show what they have learned through an experiment.

Thinking Skills important: The students will decide the significance of character Ruby's copying in their study of Ruby the Copycat as demonstrated through small group discussion.

Product important: The students will develop a newscast in their study of The Babe and I to demonstrate their ability to compare and contrast The Great Depression to today OR explain why a dime is significant during The Great Depression in the story.

Identify the Resource: In their study of geometric shapes, the students will use manipulatives and graphic organizer in order to identify and categorize shapes through discussion.

I asked him how often one would write a Learning Objective like the 4 outlines he presented...and he just said "as needed or as you see fit".
(because in my mind...i was thinking---OMG HOW am i going to write one of these for each subject, each day, each topic/skill in a subject-aaarrrrggghhh)...

I think my personal goal will be to have one strong Learning Objective as he presented per day...for now... it's definitely a way to think deeper about my teaching and student learning!

Another idea I'm taking from Mr. Curry is a Thinking Skills Poster and activity.
I am creating a Thinking Skills Poster for my classroom with examples.

The poster will look something like this...
K-I know it's a towel
C-I understand it is made from the cotton plant
A-I use it to dry off
A-I can compare different types, brands, etc.
S-I can create a talking towel
E-I judge what kind of towel is best

Students can create their own Thinking Skills boxes about different items in a workstation in class!

In future blogposts, I will address Student Self Assessment in an easy-for-the-teacher-but-effective way...and an alternative to KWL charts (which I'm horrible at keeping up with). Two other great ideas from Mr. Curry!

I FINALLY finished the Common Core Math Vocab cards! WOO HOO! This task took me 
There are 107 words for math. You can find this for a GREAT deal at my TPT store! Just click on the photo below and it'll take you straight to the product!


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