Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Sharp Students Activity, Building Thinking Skills, Rock Star Themed Desk Plates, and STOP SHOPPING!

Busy? What's that?
I had a FREAK OUT on the way to my district's professional development yesterday...
It's MID-JULY, so that means that summer is almost OVER. I only have a short time left of what I call summer before heading back into my classroom to set up.
I've noticed on other blogs and Instagram that teachers go in all summer and set up.
NOT ME...not that I can anyway (and I'm glad I can't)...we aren't allowed into our rooms until the beginning of August no matter our start day.

I have not gotten things done that I've wanted to get done...I'm getting there S.L.O.W.L.Y.
I just dropped off 3 bags of clothing and blankets to charity, so that's good. We are having Big-Kid's 8th grade graduation party on Saturday...yeah, I'm not ready for that.

I've been terrible! I start one thing...stop, do another...go back to said thing...stop, start a different project...take a nap... I'm just all over the place.

A first-week-of-school craftivity-if you want to call it that...is a bulletin board I have the students help me with... I call it "Sharp Students".
We talk about what it means to be "sharp" at something and that EVERYONE is "sharp" at SOMETHING.
Then students write a sloppy copy sentence in their notebook... I give them a pencil to write on and color...and WAH-LAH...one bulletin board done that focusses on what we are all good at! It can be something related to school or not...it doesn't matter to me.

Here's a sample of a few I had my daughters make. 
You can download a free copy of the pencil outlines at my TPT Store here
Please leave me some love there.

I also posted my Building Thinking Skills poster I created and the graphic organizer to go with it...
You can read a little about it here. And you can download it, for a small price, here.

I wanted some new desk plates for the kids' desks. I loved the ones I made last year, but just wanted something a little different, so I created some today using Melonheadz Graphics. You can pick up a set for a small price by clicking on the sizes. I made two sets. The first set I made was too small because I write out first and last names in cursive (our 3rd graders still learn cursive handwriting)...
So one set is size 3.5 x 8.5 and the other set is 3.5 x 11.
They both have the same designs. Hope they work for you!

I am really enjoying Instagram! You can follow me here. I get some great ideas, get to know other bloggers and an insight to their personal life, lots of laughs, and not-helping-my-school-shopping-habit!
I mean, REALLY. These ladies shop and inspire and lead you to some GREAT deals! I've got a couple piles going at home (and yes, I posted some pics too).
After seeing LOTS of awesome pics, I felt compelled to make a little note...
HAHAHA! 21 likes (so far) and some people left me a message about how they agree with all my #hashtags. Cracking up about it.



  1. HA! I am hashtag obsessed, too :) My husband thinks I'm crazy. I love your description of this mid-July feeling.

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  2. Thank you!
    My sisters make fun of my hashtags...I do them more for fun...not for looking anything up (except the usuals).

  3. Funny Instagram post! Going to look for you now :)

    One Class, One Sound

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