Sunday, July 14, 2013

BTS Blogger Exchange, Freebie, and ANOTHER PET in my house!

Have you joined the Back to School Blogger Exchange?! I did!
And I'm so excited about it! I LOVE little surprises!
That's one reason I'm a subscriber to Birchbox...I get a box of surprise goodies each month!
You can join at Adventures of Ms. Smith or Covered in Glitter and Glue.
Be sure to join by JULY 21st.
Click on the pic and it'll take you right to the page!
I'm sooo looking forward to this!

NEXT up...I already told you a little about my Professional Development and Jim Curry's visit here.
Something else Mr. Curry discussed was Student Assessment.
Students give their own critique of their work. You can use this on anything.
You ask the student:
LB-what do you like best about your work?
NT-what will you do next time?
GB-what ways did you go beyond?

I find this useful...Once the ground is established, this will serve as a quick self assessment and can be applied to any assignment or group assignment. I can even see myself giving a grade for the grade book with this!

Here's a little freebie that I will be posting in my classroom as a visual.
You can click on the picture and it will take you to my TPT store to download for free. Please leave your positive feedback and don't forget to follow!
Thank you!

AND I TOOK IN ANOTHER PET!!! Today, we picked up JJ. He's a Bearded Dragon who will stay in Big-Kid's room. He's pretty cool and so fun to watch eat crickets! He knows when the cage opens and you have a black tube, there are crickets in there and JJ stands on his hind legs, sticks his tongue out and waits for you to drop them! So fun! 
Meet JJ...
Sorry for the poor color...His sand is actually orangy and the whole pic turned out orangy...
And there you have it!
Tomorrow I have to go to work (boo-hoo), but the Professional Development is Tim Shanahan (Woo-hoo)!  I'm pretty excited about this PD too! 



  1. I love those self-assessment questions!

    Mary Kate
    Windy City Learning

    1. Thanks! I hope you can find them useful in your classroom!

  2. I love the back to school exchange - that's a fun idea. I had friends who had a bearded dragon - they are really unique pets.

    1. He is quite the unique pet, that's for sure. Today, I got to hold him and he laid still on me...all stretched out from my neck to almost my belly...even after he scratched my oldest. It was actually sweet and I was petting him and holding him like a baby. haha.

  3. Alright, I'm going to try the School Exchange. Thanks for passing that along!
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