Friday, June 14, 2013

Ten Pin Linky Party!

Well HEY! It's almost Friday! By the time I finish this post...It WILL be Friday...
but that just means I'm closer to going back to work...
While the summer is flying by already...I've been scouting out new ideas...
What better way than Pinterest and Linking up with Just Reed's Ten Pin Linky Party!

I haven't been pinning too much lately. I'm working on 3rd grade CCSS word wall cards that go with our new math series "My Math"...oh, and I've been enjoying my summer outside! But here's what I have...

1. New Door Sign! I found this cutie of a pin! I have all the supplies ready to make myself a new door sign...

2. School Girl's Style...Wrapping paper for bulletin boards! I used this the past year and LOVED it! I'm looking for new wrapping paper for my boards for fall!

3. Chair! Ok, I admit...I made this last summer...but it was such a hit! Everyone who noticed it, complimented the awesome chair. I took an old kitchen chair, sanded it, painted it, sealed it...and it's used daily by whoever is the Rockstar of the Week in class! The kids LOVE to sit in it!
4. Out of Room Notice...I need something noticeable...and I think this is easy and great! I would like to see if I can get this to work in the fall. I look at desks...not something on the wall to see who's in or who's out.

5. NO NAME clip...I need something for those no name papers. In the past, I hold them up or call on kids whose papers are missing... Maybe I'll try making a cute no name clip. One of my colleagues made one for her class....I wonder if she liked it....

6. DID YOU KNOW... I'm looking forward to this! I'm going to make it all Rock Star looking and have facts ready to go for fall! I'm always hearing my 3rd graders say..."did you know...", so this will be a fun way for fun facts...
7. Outside Door Decor! I need to decorate the outside of my door more are some great ideas!
8. Wall Stickers...I have come to love the wall stickers! I have decorated my desk and filing cabinet, walls, cabinets, etc. I'm always on the lookout for some on clearance! I have one set above my white board that reads "You are someone's reason to smile"
9. CARPET! I desperately need a new carpet for my gathering area. Last December one of my poor sickies got sick all over my carpet... Had my fabulous custodian roll that thing up and trash it. I couldn't keep way. So I've been hunting for carpet ideas.

10. READING BENCHES...Ok, so this is another one of my creations...but I just had to share it again! These were a success! We had old cabinets (the kind that go over a fridge or stove) and I had wood cut to fit on top...covered the wood with batting and fabric...attached with screws...and got TWO benches out of them WITH Storage (that's where I keep my clip boards). It really was I continue to be on the lookout for those kinds of cabinets to transform into seating! (my daughter sewed those pillows for me out of bandanas and extra fabric)
I hope it's not too awful that I featured two of my own things I pinned myself...But I just think those are worth mentioning!
Link up with Just Reed and share your pins!


  1. I love the no name clips! What a great idea..why didn't I think of that?? Thanks for sharing.
    Creating Lifelong Learners

  2. I love all your pins! Thanks for linking up. Your blog is super cute, too! :)

  3. I love the idea of the kitchen cabinets! Have you tried Habitat for Humanity's Re-Store?

  4. I absolutely love ALL ten of your pins. Especially the two that you created yourself!! I will begin my teaching career in the Fall and this blog has helped me A LOT! Thank you. :)