Thursday, June 27, 2013

Linky, Notice and Note, Whatcha' up to?

Somewhat of a quickie post?! I have been SO busy!
The days are flying by!
I haven't even chosen my winnings from Learning to the Core Yet!!!
I've put some choices on my wish list, but haven't had a chance to choose!  Finally did this tonight.
I'm trying to FRANTICALLY write this post because I'm on my way out the door to see my niece do a Poms Routine!!!  This, too, was yesterday...I tried so hard to get a post going!

First I am linking up with C and C (every time I see their cute little blog name I start singing "Everybody Dance NOW" by C&C Music Factory)...They have a Sunny Summer Days Linky going on.
 Wow, It's REALLY raining out (again)...Like downpour monsoon...

@@Anyway, Here's what I've been up too...and if you follow me on Instagram, you've seen some of these pics...

We've been going to lots of softball games! They've had 32 games, so far...won 22 of them. Here's Big-Kid and her NO-HITTER!!!!! WOW! AMAZING!

When we returned home...she was so exhausted from the weekend...she sat at the kitchen table and fell asleep on Little Kid's pillow and slept there through dinner! I even had to make sure she was breathing! TOO FUNNY! She was out like a light.
At the fields, I had this annoying little Bee crawling all over me. I don't swat at bees because I am allergic and I don't want to tick them off and sting me. This one decided to crawl on my piggy-toes. At one point he started going BETWEEN my toes and I kinda-sorta freaked---just a little. He was there so long, I got a pic...
oh, and my Epipen and Benedryl were in the the parking lot...far, far, away. All ended well.
I've been visiting lots with my sis and her two kiddos. They are in from California and we haven't seen them in over a year...Her Hubby is currently deployed. It's been fun hanging out with the family.

Also, Dad took my girls fishing. For my youngest... it was her first time fishing. The other two have gone before. Little Kid caught 3 fish, Mid-Kid caught 2, and Big-Kid caught 2... I just hung out and took some pics.
Little kid says to me this evening, "I don't think Grandpa realizes how much fun I had today!"
So cute. 

On an actual SCHOOL note...The ONLY thing I've been up to is BLOG STALKING, INSTAGRAM STALKING, and a lil' bit of reading. 
I've read the book "Notice and Note..." by Beers and Probst.
I liked it. Lots of it was common sense to me...but had great ideas I will use in the classroom. It has PAGES of lessons you can actually execute in your classroom! LOVE THAT.
I highly recommend the book to everyone!
The book discusses the SIX common SIGN POSTS for students to NOTICE. 
This should be part of your summer reading!

I am intrigued by the Pirate book...I may have to use a gift card I received and get that one! It's getting RAVE reviews!
Come check me out on Instagram and Follow me on Bloglovin'...both links are on the side. Follow my Google thingy too, for kicks...I want to see what happens with that anyway. I read blogs thru Blogger. 

What are you all up to? Some of you I know from Instagram----which I happen to love having a glimpse into everyones' days! 
Next week may be easier for me...less softball, no dance for the kids, a party will be over, and my sis will be back in Cali.  (although quite sad about the last part)

I wish I could join the Bloglovin' Linky going on...but I ain't got too much in my TPT store yet. :( 

That's all for now!


  1. So happy you linked up with us! "Everybody Dance Now" must be our theme song now - love it!!! Sounds like you've been busy this summer! So fun!! I don't think I realized you are in Illinois also - curious where? Wondering how far apart we are from each other! We are in Mundelein area.

    Table Talk with C & C

    1. I love your linky! It's an easy one for me! I am near I-55 and I-80...southwest suburbs.

    2. How fun that you won the give away from "Learning to the Core!" Amanda from there is one of my greatest friends! I love her!! She's the whole reason why I even started to blog!! Aylin and her both have wonderful inspirational and fun activities! They are also from Illinois and Amanda lives near you! I too have also been on a major instagram stalking adventure! It's my newest addiction. Shhhh! Thanks again for linking up with us!

      Table Talk with C & C