Wednesday, June 19, 2013

I won AgAiN! Wednesday Website (and an App) Linky!

I am lucky in blogland!
First I won Graphics from the Pond's Giveaway and
Now I've won TPT Products from Learning to the Core!
Learning to the Core
They have fabulous products in their TPT Stores!
I haven't chosen exactly what I want, just yet (been too busy at home).
Those QR Code activities are looking mighty good...
Give them some love and go visit their store here (Aylin) and here (Amanda)!

Next up is Wednesday Website hosted by Tales from Outside the Classroom...

Well, this site is tried and true and I'm just a fan of it!
Fun Brain!
It's fun! It reviews! It's by subject! It's by Grade level! It has a Parent Page! It has a teacher Page!!!
FUNBRAIN is my GO-TO when the kids earn 100% on their Spelling Pre-test and don't have to take the Post test on Friday. They are allowed computer time while I'm giving the rest of the class the test. THEY LOVE IT...In fact...during Indoor Recess, they ask to go on.
It has Arcade style games... and little do my 3rd graders know....they are using strategies...problem solving... basic fact recall... basic grammar recall... so much!
Any who...that's a simple, fun, website.

As for an APP for iPads/iPhones/iPods...I highly recommend Apps Gone Free!

Each day Paid Apps go FREE! I have found some FANTASTIC apps for school and home! The nice thing is... if you have multiple iPads/iPods at school, you can tell your tech dept. that day and have them push the freebie to all the iPads/iPods...You can get some awesome apps for free!

I've been able to get $10 apps for FREE.
Now...apps I'm interested don't happen everyday...but it is soooo well worth checking everyday! I highly suggest your Tech Department get on board with this (if you have one) and YOU TOO!

Hope you find the website and App helpful in your classroom!

Head Over Heels for Teaching is celebrating her 300 followers with a FANTASTIC giveaway!
There are 40, YES 40 PRIZES from bloggers!!!
Head over there and ENTER! (just click on the pic below)

AND on a personal note... Yesterday was Little Kid's 9th birthday... and her last game for softball! YAY!
Mid-Kid and Little Kid have their dance recital on Friday night so dance will be over for the season! YAY!
Big-Kid still has a few more weeks of Travel Softball and we have an our of town tourney this weekend... the kids are excited to "get away" for the weekend.
Since Hubby got a new job (YAY-for real)...he can't take any days off... so this weekend is like a vacation for the girls (we are staying in a hotel for a night after all...with a pool).
I am excited sad that I can cross a couple things off the list and free up some time.

Follow me on Bloglovin' and of course Instagram! Those are blowin' up!
Enjoy your day! It's absolutely GORGEOUS out by me!


  1. Hi Autumn,
    Thanks so much for the shout out! We are so happy you won our giveaway!
    Aylin :)

  2. Congrats on winning all that cool stuff!
    Our kids love funbrain...that and
    I've got appsgonefree but I don't use it nearly enough...thanks for the reminder.

    Digital: Divide & Conquer

  3. I love apps gone free. I try to check it every day. I get so bummed when I don't a chance to check and when I go back there was something that is expired that I really wish I had gotten in time.

    Thanks for sharing.

    room 4 imagination

  4. I haven't heard of that app before! Thanks for sharing!!

    Tales from Outside the Classroom