Monday, March 4, 2013

GEOGRAPHY/landforms story FREEBIE!

Geography! Need a cute activity for Landforms?! I saw all the fun activities on other blogs, Pinterest...etc...

This activity is a story created by ??? author unknown??? which is too bad, because it's cute!

I co-taught a couple years ago and my co-teacher found this cute story online. I searched and searched for the author and nothing came up. I couldn't even find the story anywhere online! So...I retyped the story (changed the name though)...and here's a sample! You can get the full story on my tpt store by clicking on any of the pictures...

I made it simple so I wouldn't hinder kids' creativity. My students drew their illustrations on the back. Just print and go!  After we read the story as a class, the kids begged me to make it into a class book for them to read anytime...done!

Enjoy! Have a great week!


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