Friday, March 1, 2013


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Here's my random week:

1. ISAT BOOT CAMP! Illinois State testing begins next week and our 3rd grade is proud to say we just completed our 3rd annual BOOT CAMP! So fun! Here's a pic of the empty hall...

Each Bulletin Board has a theme...test taking tips....relaxation...etc... We bought the banner for a great price a few years ago...the net hanging from the ceiling is from the ARMY. My teacher friend's dad is still serving and lets us borrow his camo net each year... we have helicopters, tanks, and airplanes hanging from the ceiling... the whole 3rd grade lines up as soldiers in the hallway and recite cadences... Top Soldiers of the day get a little prize...

2.  BEGGING for prizes! Teacher friend called an Army Recruiting Center and I picked up some prizes they donated...well, the Army was next to the Navy and next to the Marines and next to the Air I went door to door and scored on some great giveaways for the kids! This is a small sample of what they gave us... THANK YOU ARMED SERVICES!

3. SNOW!  We finally got some measurable snow. My children were out in it when I got home from work and built a big snowman! It was very wet in the morning the snowman fell over and fell perfectly...Here he is from my front window...

4. PRESIDENT'S REPORTS! My awesome 3rd graders presented their Presidents! They had to give a one minute minimum speech with all the info and make a visual to go with it...Here's some pics from their reports...
Love the mask and poster
Love the diorama and photo

5. MOVIE! We never show "movies" at school... except one...We showed the 3rd Graders the movie "The Lorax" on Thursday, just for enjoyment...They've worked so hard on ISAT Prep and so far this year...we gathered in classrooms, the PTO popped us some popcorn and we just chilled our brains. They loved it.
ENJOY your weekend!Photobucket 


  1. Looks like a fun twist on test prep!

    Enjoy your weekend!

    Suntans and Lesson Plans

    1. Thanks! Kids loved it and made them excited for tests! Imagine that!