Saturday, March 2, 2013

ANCHOR TATTOO!!...that is all for now....

HERE IT IS! I went today! Got my anchor tattoo! And I LOVE it!
Didn't hurt too badly. Not nearly as bad as my foot. All my hairs stood up on my body twice...that's it.
This pic was taken as soon as I got home, so it's still red from irritation. It's not even bothering me now. The tattoo guy complimented my skull and cross bone earring and laughed when I told him I'm a 3rd Grade teacher!

How many teachers have tattoos? Where are yours?

I have 3 daisies on top of my entire foot. I wear sandals on warm days... My anchor won't show much at work (not that I care)...but I won't be deliberately showing the kiddos.



  1. Congrats! It looks great. I have three tattoos...two of them are pictured here The third one is on a circle of laurel leaves, on my back...couldn't get a picture:-)


    1. LOVE! I'm thinking of how I want to incorporate a teacher-like tattoo....Haven't decided yet.