Sunday, March 31, 2013

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 As I admitted in my Dirty Little Secret Sunday linky party (Below)... I am hooked on Welcome to Myrtle Manor on TLC. It's terrible and I love it.

I LOVE the time I've spent with family this past week! We went to a local hotel (Free-won a contest)...and my girls went swimming the whole time...then all 5 of us squeezed into a king-sized bed. We didn't get much sleep. We watched some movies, hung out, went out to eat, played outside... so nice!

Thinking...I really should get some work done. I had all these big plans to create things, work on units, grade papers, blah, blah, blah....DID NOT DO ONE THING! I'm gonna be hustling tomorrow! Thank goodness I'm off tomorrow (although I have lots going on with the kids).

Wanting my hubby to get a job. As I've said before, my hubby worked for Hostess/Wonder Bread for 18 years and they shut down. He's been on the hunt. It's been heartbreaking. I really feel bad for him. I'm hoping he gets the railroad job...he's still in running, but there's TONS of people after the same job.

I'm needing to make myself an eye appointment. I made one for the girls for tomorrow, but not for me. I'm in need of a stronger script...

My advice...I'm probably the last to give advice on blogging or anything like it (only have 55 followers right now)...but I'd have to say to Be Yourself. I will not change me to appease others...

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Dirty Little Secret Sunday Linky! March 31st

OK..I *attempted* a fun linky and didn't have too many bites...

 I've slacked the past week because it was Spring Break--woo hoo!

 But I have a new little Dirty Secret... 

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I love learning about people and this is fun stuff!

My Dirty Little Secret for this week is... drum roll...

I am enjoying the show on TLC..."Myrtle Manor".
Yes, it's trashy, ridiculous...disgusting...but I'm hooked! And my fave, fave, fave is Marvin.

What's YOUR Dirty Little Secret THIS week?!?!?!?!



Friday, March 22, 2013

Five For Friday March 22nd, Spring Break

It was a crazy hectic blur of a week!
And I'm joining Doodle Bugs Teaching and her Five for Friday Linky Party...Link UP!
Five for Friday is FiVE RanDoM things about your week!

ONE~New Bag... I haven't bought myself a new bag in over a year... I'm a lover of Guess that's what I got... Here she is... GORGEOUS!!! She's actually a Huge bag! Looks kinda small in the pic (I even bought the matching wallet).

TWO~Thrift Shop-Macklemore...I CAN NOT get this song out of my head! I had the students singing it all week. I'm gonna pop some tags, only got twenty dollars in my pocket...
Clean version...

THREE~ Oh The Places...I got the idea off of Pinterest...Read the Dr. Seuss story to kids, chatted a bit about it...Took the kids' pictures in hallway...had them write on 3 balloons...A Dream, A Hope, and A Wish... Turned out ADORABLE...Here's a peek!

Free Balloons from Graphics From the Pond...

FOUR~ Shamrock Art...I cut out shamrocks with the Ellison Die Cut and have the kids trace several shamrocks on white construction paper. They are only allowed to use greens and yellows to design and decorate their shamrocks. They must use crayon, colored pencils, and markers (different media). When they are finished, they outline the shamrocks in black to make them pop.

My sample...(I totally forgot to take a pic of the kids' finished products hanging in the hall).

FIVE~Harriet Tubman ... Little Kid had to read a Biography for her 3rd grade and make a puppet! She read about Harriet Tubman. I cut up one of my old socks, her big sis sewed some of the dress and head for her, she attached everything and put it all together...and WAH LA!
Looks just like the photo we went off of!

That's only a small part of my crazy week!

ALSO... Big Kid earned Student of the Month for all of 8th Grade...had to give an acceptance speech at the Board of Ed meeting....SO PROUD!
Mid Kid was in the newspaper and earned recognition for her help with United Way...SO PROUD!
Little Kid came home with an award for her Great Character in school this week...SO PROUD!

Ended the school/work week at the bar  local establishment for some beverages with my teacher-friends...good laughs for the

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Dirty Little Secret Sunday Linky Party!!!

Dirty Little Secret Sunday...
Hi All! I'm hosting my first LiNkY PaRtY!

As my first Party...I thought I'd keep it simple and fun!
(plus I'm learning how to do all this linky party stuff because I will be hosting fantabulous first giveaway very soon)

Graphic by  The 3AM Teacher

We went to Fuddrucker's today for lunch/dinner... I love me a good burger!
Well, if you're not familiar with the get a burger and you put on all the fixings at the little fixing bar... You can load up on lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle, pico de gallo, relish, ketchup, mustard, A-1, hot cheese, etc... how ever much you like!

I LOVE pico de gallo. LOVE. I put it on my burger and my fries! I'm not one for liquid toppings (ketchup, mustard, mayo)... This all got me to thinking...

My Dirty Little Secret (for this week) is...
I ask for a take home container...then go back to the fixing bar...and I fill it with Pico de gallo... and I bring it home to eat with chips later.

My children make fun of me. I have NO SHAME in it...
It's not as bad as bringing my own zip-lock bag... is it???

...I was wondering what "Dirty Little Secrets" other teachers have?!?!
I have tons of little things that will keep this Linky going...

Link up with me! I'd looooove to hear from everyone!

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PhotobucketHave FUN!

Friday, March 8, 2013

Five for Friday LiNkY! 3/8

I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching and FiVe RaNDom things about My week! Click on the pic below and Join the party to tell about your week.

 ONE- Monday was NO SCHOOL...thank you very much Pulaski! My kids had school though! So I worked on the computer and here's one of three dogs snuggling up on my leg...
TWO-SNOW Day on Tuesday! Our first in a couple years... My kids were off they are playing outside...
THREE-LOUIE the Leprechaun... Got him out of one of my books...but I SHRUNK him! Now he's small and cute! Kids loved working on him after testing... I hang them all on my ceiling hooks (you'll see some in a moment...)

FOUR- We celebrated Dr. Seuss this week and will continue next week (not enough time this week with testing). We read "The Foot Book", talked about antonyms, and did a little activity.
I wrote a bunch of words on popsicle sticks and had the kids draw a word from the cup...they wrote their word on one foot and wrote the antonym of the word on the other foot...I think they just enjoyed pulling their socks off! One student's foot was sooo left a wet print on the paper!!! EWWWWW :) It was a good giggle!

AND FIVE- We FINISHED our ISAT testing this afternoon and what better way to celebrate than to DANCE! I hooked up my iPod and played Dynamite by Taio Cruz and we ALL danced around the room. Some students started a Line...Here are some, as happy as can be! Can you spot Louie hanging up?!

 Yes, those are AWFUL triangular desks! There's really only one way to group them...into groups of fours. Doesn't give me much freedom in arrangements. We had to separate them for testing...

 There's my 5 randomness things!?

Oh and 6...One of my team mates finished Grad School! YAY for her! We were so excited for her...we got her a cake to celebrate!
Enjoy your weekend!


Tuesday, March 5, 2013

SNOW DAY! And Testing Signs FREEBIE

We haven't had one in a couple years...Half of Illinois is off of school today. My district waited til the last minute to call off. Which I can see...We all woke up to barely any snow. But the weather guys kept's may seem silly that all these schools are calling a snow day already...but they'll be happy they did!
AND WE ARE HAPPY! I am SO Happy that I didn't have to drive home in this! It hasn't stopped snowing since it started! Here's how my kiddos are enjoying it...
Benefits of living in a cul-du-sac...Mini Mountain for sledding.

Anyone ISAT Testing??? Here are some signs I made up to encourage the kids to do their best on the test!
I hang them on my white board...I'm not about cutting tiny little notes and attaching them to each candy X 24 kids, then X 6 tests.
We aren't really "allowed" to hand out candy to kids these days, unless it's for educational purposes in a lesson and conforms to the state calorie intake something or other...But I say it fits just fine...Proven studies say that chewing gum during testing helps with concentration!

So...Here you go...Enjoy if you still can! Click on the picture and it will take you to my TPT store to download for free. Please leave me some positive feedback! Thanks!

If you are off today...ENJOY!
Have a great week...what's left of it.


Monday, March 4, 2013

GEOGRAPHY/landforms story FREEBIE!

Geography! Need a cute activity for Landforms?! I saw all the fun activities on other blogs, Pinterest...etc...

This activity is a story created by ??? author unknown??? which is too bad, because it's cute!

I co-taught a couple years ago and my co-teacher found this cute story online. I searched and searched for the author and nothing came up. I couldn't even find the story anywhere online! So...I retyped the story (changed the name though)...and here's a sample! You can get the full story on my tpt store by clicking on any of the pictures...

I made it simple so I wouldn't hinder kids' creativity. My students drew their illustrations on the back. Just print and go!  After we read the story as a class, the kids begged me to make it into a class book for them to read anytime...done!

Enjoy! Have a great week!


Saturday, March 2, 2013

ANCHOR TATTOO!!...that is all for now....

HERE IT IS! I went today! Got my anchor tattoo! And I LOVE it!
Didn't hurt too badly. Not nearly as bad as my foot. All my hairs stood up on my body twice...that's it.
This pic was taken as soon as I got home, so it's still red from irritation. It's not even bothering me now. The tattoo guy complimented my skull and cross bone earring and laughed when I told him I'm a 3rd Grade teacher!

How many teachers have tattoos? Where are yours?

I have 3 daisies on top of my entire foot. I wear sandals on warm days... My anchor won't show much at work (not that I care)...but I won't be deliberately showing the kiddos.


Friday, March 1, 2013


WHAT?! It's currently MARCH?! I am soooo ready for GREEN.
Linking up with Farley and her monthly Currently...Link up! Quick, Fun, Cute! Jimmy Kimmel... I LOVE LOVE LOVE unnecessary bleeps...He bleeps video segments and it seems like people are cracks me up EVERY TIME!

LOVING...3 day weekend! Thanks Pulaski! Need some family extra family time... is pretty quiet, I've already blogged once today...I *should* go to bed...but if I do...then I'll be like #398 on the Farley linky list!

WANTING...I AM getting a new tattoo this weekend...YES I AM. I'm going to get an anchor behind my ear...can't wait. Everyone thinks I'm nuts...don't care.

NEEDING...I SOOOOO need a new purse. I've been carrying the one I have for over a year...I'm so over it...

LIKE...Spring! I just want green to start showing and sandals
LOVE...Music! I relate everything to a song and am constantly singing (not well)...
HATE...I'm am SO tired of teachers and other people spelling Dr. Seuss' name incorrectly! It's wrong on blog posts, it's wrong on Pinterest.  WHY OH WHY can't people get it right?!

EDITED TO ADD------OK...SO I totally didn't follow directions on the LIKE LOVE HATE part!
Since my name is "autumn" ;) Like....Almonds...Love...Answers...Hate...asparagus...

HA! GO LINK UP! QUICK...or you'll be #09283



I am linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching and her Five for Friday...Just click on the pic and you can visit her page!

Here's my random week:

1. ISAT BOOT CAMP! Illinois State testing begins next week and our 3rd grade is proud to say we just completed our 3rd annual BOOT CAMP! So fun! Here's a pic of the empty hall...

Each Bulletin Board has a theme...test taking tips....relaxation...etc... We bought the banner for a great price a few years ago...the net hanging from the ceiling is from the ARMY. My teacher friend's dad is still serving and lets us borrow his camo net each year... we have helicopters, tanks, and airplanes hanging from the ceiling... the whole 3rd grade lines up as soldiers in the hallway and recite cadences... Top Soldiers of the day get a little prize...

2.  BEGGING for prizes! Teacher friend called an Army Recruiting Center and I picked up some prizes they donated...well, the Army was next to the Navy and next to the Marines and next to the Air I went door to door and scored on some great giveaways for the kids! This is a small sample of what they gave us... THANK YOU ARMED SERVICES!

3. SNOW!  We finally got some measurable snow. My children were out in it when I got home from work and built a big snowman! It was very wet in the morning the snowman fell over and fell perfectly...Here he is from my front window...

4. PRESIDENT'S REPORTS! My awesome 3rd graders presented their Presidents! They had to give a one minute minimum speech with all the info and make a visual to go with it...Here's some pics from their reports...
Love the mask and poster
Love the diorama and photo

5. MOVIE! We never show "movies" at school... except one...We showed the 3rd Graders the movie "The Lorax" on Thursday, just for enjoyment...They've worked so hard on ISAT Prep and so far this year...we gathered in classrooms, the PTO popped us some popcorn and we just chilled our brains. They loved it.
ENJOY your weekend!Photobucket