Sunday, January 27, 2013

More Adjectives, Name Perimeter Project

 On everyone's blogs I keep reading about how short weeks are the longest. I COULDN'T AGREE MORE!

At first it seemed to go ok...then I was in lots of meetings. The meetings seemed to make the week longer. They were all union related (I'm the building rep). And I love helping my colleagues out.  I will start my week tomorrow with a continuation of meetings from last week. My students were excellent though!

OH and I forgot...we spent the first two days back from a 3 day weekend taking Discovery Assessments. BLAH.

More productively the students created awesome adjective illustrations! We brainstormed adjectives as a class and made a huge list on the board. Then I pulled popsicle sticks for students to choose what word they wanted. As they chose their word, they put a check mark next to we had no repeats. I showed an example of expectations on the projector...
Students had to show how their word would look. I had "hot" so  made mine wood on the bottom part of the word and fire burning the wood at the top to show "hot". Then the students had to use the adjective properly in a sentence below the word.

 Here's my example...HOT

teeny-tiny was made by a student...look at the teeny-tiny bugs

 Purple was designed by a student who chose to use different shades of purple.

Obese looks like an OBESE word!

The students LOVED doing this and asked BEGGED to complete seconds!
I caught some of them making new words during indoor recess!

Another little activity we completed was about peRIMeter. I saw something on Pinterest about doing the area of names...I thought I'd do the peRIMeter... If any of you are wondering why the heck I am capitalizing RIM in perimeter...It's how we write it in our remember that the perimeter is RIM of helps.

I first showed an example of my daughter's name on the Elmo/Projector. I was strict about my rules/expectations. The students were NOT allowed to cut a square in half (I explained and showed them with post-its that it wouldn't measure the same). They had to complete each letter of their first name...find the peRIMeter of each letter...add all the letters up for a TOTAL peRIMeter of their name! 

At first they WHINED about "I can't make an N"..."I can't get a D to work"... I told them to stop their whining...literally and showed them some hints on the's how they turned out...

 Christopher needed 2 pieces of grid paper taped together for his extra long name!

Kelsie had a difficult time with the K, but it came out great!
I told students to get creative!

I'd do this again next year! They didn't finish in the time I gave them, but they diligently worked on it between other assignments. They were excited to pull it out and work on it!

This week we will be working on coordinate grids...then on to Multiplication!

Have a great week!



  1. I remember making adjective pictures when I was in elementary! Thanks for the reminder, I was trying to think of a fun activity to go along with adjectives. I like the perimeter activity too. I have to tell my students to stop whining every now and then also.

    Teaching Special Kids

  2. Love the peRIMeter activity. I'm posting to my pinterest!!

    Kathy O.
    Third Grade Doodles

    1. Thank you for pinning! I appreciate any traffic!

  3. What size grid paper did you use?