Wednesday, January 2, 2013


WOW! I am LATE to the LINKY party! How did I not notice?! Any how...I'm linking up with Farley over at Oh' Boy 4th Grade and her Monthly Currently...Remember to visit and comment on the previous 2 and the person after you! And of course...don't forget to follow ME! Thanks!

 Listening...Yes, it's almost midnight and Mid-Kid is still up lounging on the couch and watching reruns of Full House. It's so funny that my kids love this show! Dog's nails need to be clipped. He hates his nails clipped.
LOVING- Time home with the fam! Unfortunately my husband lost his job...HOWEVER, we are enjoying him home! It's been fabulous this week playing board games, Wii Games, hanging out watching movies...etc.
Thinking- SOOOO I received a card in the return address...and the only signature in it says "someone who cares" also wishes my family and me a Happy New Year. AND on top of contained a very generous gift card!!!! I HAVE NO IDEA WHO DID THIS...but how nice is that?! I'm so curious and so appreciative!
Wanting-My iMac crashed a week before break. I brought it to school (shhhhhhh) and had our tech guy take a peek at it. He says it needs a new HD. BOOOOOOO. But a new HD is cheaper than a new Mac at this I need to take it in and get it fixed. I hate working on this stuff on a PC (although I'm thankful to have one that I can bring home from work).
Needing-For a Christmas gift, I received a little Vera Bradley planner for 2013. Since I use my Phone/computer as my calendar...I really wanted to put the thoughtful planner to use. I've decided to keep it in my purse and I'm going to jot down at least one thing each day that was a highlight of my day. That'll be 365 or more highlights. Focus on the positives.
OLW- My One Little Word is DETERMINED.
I'm determined to write down my positives.
I'm determined to make myself a little healthier...a little at a time.
I'm determined to laugh.
I'm determined to teach my Butt off!
I'm determined to not let the "stuff" at work get to me.
I'm determined to make hubby at for us (although I hope he finds something he actually likes to do).
I'm determined to continue to be a good mom.
I'm determined to get more followers on my blog!
WOW...I can go on and on about being determined!
 And now I'm determined to go to bed...

Have any other ideas for this little planner?

Have a great week!


  1. I am absolutely in love with the idea of sending a gift card to someone anonymously! How cool is that?! My MacBook crashed last year. Ugh! It was my hard drive too. It is better than needing to get a whole new MacBook, but it is a complete bummer none the less. Good luck getting it fixed.

    1. The GC was so generous. I used it last night and it was MORE than it was labeled! It was so nice. However, it is driving me crazy to know who sent it!

    2. I bet. I'm sure you want to thank them, but they obviously wanted to give without the recognition. I admire their humility. You have a very special friend.

  2. What a wonderful gift- and it sounds like it came at a time when it's definitely needed. I haven't done my school stuff, either, but I figure the memories I'm making with my hubby make up for it... right??? :) I enjoyed reading your post!

    1. I STILL haven't done my schoolwork! I'm visiting with some of my teacher friends today for snacks and gabbing. I have really enjoyed this break. It was much needed. And I think it felt even more like a break since hubby has been home.

  3. Hi, enjoyed reading your Currently! That is so neat about your generous secret Santa! How awesome! That is going to drive you crazy not would me. Also, love your calendar idea.

    The Bender Bunch

    1. It's totally driving me crazy not knowing who sent it! And on top of that, I used it last night to get some groceries and stuff and it ended up being MORE than what it was labeled (which in turn makes me feel guilty--did they give me the wrong one?). So far, I've kept up with the calendar...

  4. I taught third grade for years and it is my absolute favorite! :) I loved teaching the kids at that age. They are great at relationship...totally get my jokes...AND...can tie their own shoes! (A luxury that I miss teaching first! :) I loved your word for your currently! :) I'm pretty determined this year too! ;) Well...we can encourage each other! :) Thanks for following my blog! :) I'm following you now too, so we will be able to keep in touch! :)

    1. Thanks for following! I don't know how you went from 3rd to first! I said I could go up in grades, but not down...who knows.
      I love that my students "get" me!

  5. I love the idea of writing down one positive thing each day! It would be nice to review on those days when it seems like nothing goes right! I'm thinking that next year I could be a secret Santa for someone that I know could use a boost, what a great idea! I would probably be trying to figure out who sent it, checking the postmark, asking questions to family and friends, but enjoy them!

    Teaching Special Kids

    1. I've checked the postmark...I've asked...I've analyzed the handwriting. HAHA! I can't figure it out, but I just hope the person knows how much we appreciate the generosity. It's such perfect timing!