Sunday, January 27, 2013

More Adjectives, Name Perimeter Project

 On everyone's blogs I keep reading about how short weeks are the longest. I COULDN'T AGREE MORE!

At first it seemed to go ok...then I was in lots of meetings. The meetings seemed to make the week longer. They were all union related (I'm the building rep). And I love helping my colleagues out.  I will start my week tomorrow with a continuation of meetings from last week. My students were excellent though!

OH and I forgot...we spent the first two days back from a 3 day weekend taking Discovery Assessments. BLAH.

More productively the students created awesome adjective illustrations! We brainstormed adjectives as a class and made a huge list on the board. Then I pulled popsicle sticks for students to choose what word they wanted. As they chose their word, they put a check mark next to we had no repeats. I showed an example of expectations on the projector...
Students had to show how their word would look. I had "hot" so  made mine wood on the bottom part of the word and fire burning the wood at the top to show "hot". Then the students had to use the adjective properly in a sentence below the word.

 Here's my example...HOT

teeny-tiny was made by a student...look at the teeny-tiny bugs

 Purple was designed by a student who chose to use different shades of purple.

Obese looks like an OBESE word!

The students LOVED doing this and asked BEGGED to complete seconds!
I caught some of them making new words during indoor recess!

Another little activity we completed was about peRIMeter. I saw something on Pinterest about doing the area of names...I thought I'd do the peRIMeter... If any of you are wondering why the heck I am capitalizing RIM in perimeter...It's how we write it in our remember that the perimeter is RIM of helps.

I first showed an example of my daughter's name on the Elmo/Projector. I was strict about my rules/expectations. The students were NOT allowed to cut a square in half (I explained and showed them with post-its that it wouldn't measure the same). They had to complete each letter of their first name...find the peRIMeter of each letter...add all the letters up for a TOTAL peRIMeter of their name! 

At first they WHINED about "I can't make an N"..."I can't get a D to work"... I told them to stop their whining...literally and showed them some hints on the's how they turned out...

 Christopher needed 2 pieces of grid paper taped together for his extra long name!

Kelsie had a difficult time with the K, but it came out great!
I told students to get creative!

I'd do this again next year! They didn't finish in the time I gave them, but they diligently worked on it between other assignments. They were excited to pull it out and work on it!

This week we will be working on coordinate grids...then on to Multiplication!

Have a great week!


Sunday, January 20, 2013

Animal Cells, Adjectives, Rock Star Student Rocks!

Well HEY! I'm feeling great! We've had lots going on at home and in the classroom! It's been super busy, but I'm feeling fabulous!

Before Winter Break, we studied animal cells. The easiest animal cell to observe, in my opinion, is an egg. We call it an "Eggsperiment". It's a great lesson from "The Magic School Bus Cracks an Egg". The day before the "eggsperiment", we discussed the basic parts of a cell (in 3rd grade terms)...the Nucleus, the Cell Membrane, the Vacuoles, and Cytoplasm and defined them. The following day I wrote "Eggsperiment Today" on the assignment board to get the students' attention. There was lots of chatter when they walked in and saw it. I could hear the kids asking each other "what do you think she's going to do with an egg", "are we playing a game", "are we eating them"?

When we arrived at our Science time, we brainstormed the parts of the usual the students came up with shell, yolk, and white stuff. I said...hmmmm, what would you say if I told you there are 8 parts to an egg?! They said...No way! So, I cracked an egg into a ziplock baggie and showed the different parts on the Elmo/Projector. We went over the labels, passed out eggs, baggies, recording sheets, and got started!

Big Success! I love the day after the "Eggsperiment" because the kids run home to share their new knowledge with parents!

We also worked on Adjectives! We made an anchor chart together to define adjectives...

Then I passed out magazines (I keep magazines on hand at all times for class projects-parents donate school appropriate mags for us)...Each student choose a picture from a magazine and had to write as many adjectives as they could to describe their picture. There was LOTS of discussion between students and it was FABULOUS to hear them helping each other come up with "better, non-jailed" words.


Since the beginning of the year, I've had a Rock Star of the Week. I LOVE doing this! It's been so fun for the students and ME. My absolute favorite part of each week is the day the parents have to write a letter to the class. Some of these letters have made me teary-eyed, giggle, or laugh so hard I cry! Here's a copy of the letter I send home to parents...
 LOL On the TEENY TINY pic! Just click on it and it will bring you to my TPT store to download.

At the end of the week, each student in the class signs a guitar with the honored student's photo in the center. Each student has to say something they think the Rock Star is good at, or a general positive/personal message...On the back, I glue the letter the parents wrote and laminate the guitar for a 3rd grade memento. 
Here's an example of one of the guitars.
Have a great week! Enjoy the extra day off!


Wednesday, January 2, 2013


WOW! I am LATE to the LINKY party! How did I not notice?! Any how...I'm linking up with Farley over at Oh' Boy 4th Grade and her Monthly Currently...Remember to visit and comment on the previous 2 and the person after you! And of course...don't forget to follow ME! Thanks!

 Listening...Yes, it's almost midnight and Mid-Kid is still up lounging on the couch and watching reruns of Full House. It's so funny that my kids love this show! Dog's nails need to be clipped. He hates his nails clipped.
LOVING- Time home with the fam! Unfortunately my husband lost his job...HOWEVER, we are enjoying him home! It's been fabulous this week playing board games, Wii Games, hanging out watching movies...etc.
Thinking- SOOOO I received a card in the return address...and the only signature in it says "someone who cares" also wishes my family and me a Happy New Year. AND on top of contained a very generous gift card!!!! I HAVE NO IDEA WHO DID THIS...but how nice is that?! I'm so curious and so appreciative!
Wanting-My iMac crashed a week before break. I brought it to school (shhhhhhh) and had our tech guy take a peek at it. He says it needs a new HD. BOOOOOOO. But a new HD is cheaper than a new Mac at this I need to take it in and get it fixed. I hate working on this stuff on a PC (although I'm thankful to have one that I can bring home from work).
Needing-For a Christmas gift, I received a little Vera Bradley planner for 2013. Since I use my Phone/computer as my calendar...I really wanted to put the thoughtful planner to use. I've decided to keep it in my purse and I'm going to jot down at least one thing each day that was a highlight of my day. That'll be 365 or more highlights. Focus on the positives.
OLW- My One Little Word is DETERMINED.
I'm determined to write down my positives.
I'm determined to make myself a little healthier...a little at a time.
I'm determined to laugh.
I'm determined to teach my Butt off!
I'm determined to not let the "stuff" at work get to me.
I'm determined to make hubby at for us (although I hope he finds something he actually likes to do).
I'm determined to continue to be a good mom.
I'm determined to get more followers on my blog!
WOW...I can go on and on about being determined!
 And now I'm determined to go to bed...

Have any other ideas for this little planner?

Have a great week!