Sunday, December 2, 2012


HELLO! Linking up with Farley over at Oh' Boy 4th Grade and her FAB-U-LOUS Currently!
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Listening...Hubby just lost his job of 19 years with Hostess. BOOOO. He's on the phone with someone about a lead somewhere else...He has ALWAYS worked...since he was 15. He doesn't even know what to do with himself...although I'm happy with him at's been clean, laundry done, and dinner on the table when I get home...Just missing that paycheck

Loving...Going to the zoo tonight! It's 61 degrees here! That's nuts for December! Usually we go to see Holiday Lights at the Zoo in the snow! This will be interesting. I'm so excited though!

Thinking...So we went to Sunday Mass and a family in front of us was very "coughy" and snotty and eating fruit snacks and rubbing hands on the pew and wiping noses with their hands and sucking thumbs and another was sucking his fingers and the daddy was wiping his nose with his right hand....and and we get to the "Sign of Peace" and get to all shake hands...after that...cutie patootie little boy coughs right in my face as I was kneeling. People behind me go "eeeewwww, gross" and start giggling...I giggled too, but hope not to get sick.

Wanting...nothing I really "want" right now. I'd love some time to be able to create some games and worksheets I've been dreaming up but haven't had time to complete...

Needing...Hubby's unemployment check...we are on week 3 without any other income besides mine...oh, and it's Christmas...we've cut back...but I can't wait to get that first check... 

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RAK-my family and I are big on giving. Well, since our income has been recently decreased...this season will be a little difficult... I found some great deals on clearanced  toys and inexpensive gloves for the local Toys for Tots and glove drive. I'm happy to be able to do SOMETHING. I also teach 6th grade RE (religious Ed) on Wednesdays, so we are going to make some Christmas cards and an old Oriental Trading craft I had laying around from years ago...and send them to the Elderly in the Assisted Living homes. I think they will enjoy! Besides, the 6th graders are THRILLED to do this!

I'll probably post again later because I was at the NCTM Conference on Friday in Chicago! Have lots to say about that!

Just wanted to jump on the "Currently" band wagon...before I'm "late" like last month!


  1. Okay, you must live right by me if you're going to Brookfield Zoo on a school night. We are going there next weekend! I teach fourth grade and am a new follower.:)

    iTeach 1:1

  2. Thanks Kristin! IT WAS INSANE THERE!!!!! INSANE!!!! I don't mind a crowd, but peeps were RUDE! Took us a half hour to move one mile on 1st Ave. The lights were gorgeous though! And little kid got to "see" Santa and Mrs. Claus...but mean ol' mom said heck to the no on waiting in line! She was fine with it. Such a gorgeous night. People pushed, let their kids run all helter skelter, adults would stand IN FRONT of my shorties. Just rudeness going on there. It's too bad.

    But lights were awesome and we still enjoyed the evening together!

    Thanks for following! I am your follower now too!