Friday, December 28, 2012

SNOW?! Buddy the Elf, Snowflake Pronouns

Snow? Really? This is what they are calling snow? My kids were all excited to see some snow falling from the sky..and this is what they ended up with...
 They were disappointed to say the least. I guess living near Chicago and it's Winter Break, I could go for some snow too... But you know that snow is just waiting until I have to get in my car and drive in it! Well there's still another week to wait for it to come down!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the movie Elf! It's my favorite Christmas movie. When Elf came trumped allllll the other movies. We constantly quote it around the house. I even change my cell phone voice mail greeting to "Buddy the Elf, What's your favorite color?"

So, after seeing an adorable Pin on Pinterest with Buddy and the quote "Don't Be a Cotton-Headed-Ninny-Muggins"...I HAD to come up with my own twist!
I saw another idea using Pronouns on flower petals on Pinterest, so I combined two ideas into my idea and IT'S BEEN A HUGE HIT! The 4th graders stop, look, and read! Teachers have been stopping and reading...My students have been so excited about it, they've been telling parents! SUCCESS!

What I did was create Buddy of course...and I did it while students were working independently (because I was short on time)...well, they were so curious what I was creating...and WHY I was creating it! They mistakenly thought they were going to make a crafty elf...wrong! They had to WORK at this! The students had to take what we learned about pronouns and apply some knowledge.

I found 3 snowflake patterns and simply ran them off on blue and white copy paper.
We brainstormed the pronouns we learned in 3rd grade...I picked sticks and handed out pronouns and snowflakes to each student... 

The students had to put the pronoun in the center... and on each arm of the snowflake, they had to write a noun the pronoun took the place of... It wasn't as easy as they thought it was going to be. I had to reinforce using sentences to make sure the pronoun/nouns agreed and made sense...
Here's a pic of how the bulletin board started coming together...

Don't Be A Cotton-Headed Ninny-Muggins...Use Pronouns Properly
This is the only photo I took before running out the door leaving for break.
Imagine more snowflakes...24 to be exact...

You can see these two examples of how the students wrote on their flakes...

Just another idea to use! 

Also, if you have a moment, be sure to stop over at Bright Concepts 4 Teachers. Jaime is hosting a 200 follower give away! 

What fun interactive boards have you made?! Please share!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Craze, COWBOYS, Freebie!!!

Happy after Christmas craze! I hope everyone enjoyed the holiday! I did and I am so thankful Christmas is early in our we have the next week and a half to do as we rushing around! Of course, since the big rush is over and I can somewhat relax...I woke up with a cold! GRRRRRRR! However, I think this is my first cold of the season!
Kids had a great Christmas! They got what they wanted and appreciated everything! In fact...I haven't seen or heard from my children all day...ahhhhhhhhhh.
Loved visiting with family...we are
Good times.
Lots of laughs!

My Cowboys NEED to win Sunday night! They need the WIN against Washington to advance. Please, please win.  A student bought me a Dallas Cowboys insulated cup and I'm so excited to use it...if I can ever get to washing it before I use it! I'll put that tops on my list for tomorrow!
 Go Cowboys! 
Although...I'm NOT jealous of all the snow y'all got in Texas! I got Nothin' in Illinois! Woo hoo! Easy driving on Christmas.

My hubby and kids bought me my GIANT fork and spoon from Pier 1 that I've been wanting for YEARS! Here's a pic of them leaning against my family room wall! They are about 3 feet tall.

I also created a 12 Days of Reading activity for my students to complete over break. Big Kid, and Mid Kid said I was mean for making students do homework over break...but it's not a difficult assignment and I gave each student their own novel with points from Scholastic...Hold them accountable for their bright, shiny new book!  Here it is...It's on TPT. Since I'm working on my work laptop (my MAC went kaput 2 weeks ago!!!!! and I need to get it in to the Apple Store)...I can't get the screenshot right...sorry for the icky picture of it!
Feel free to use for next year...I meant to get it uploaded before break, didn't happen with the tragedies and soft lock down that happened (recall the 2 escapees near Chicago?!). It was a CRAZY couple of weeks.

that's all for now...
I hope you are able to enjoy some restful days...


Sunday, December 2, 2012

Liebster Blog Award!

Liebster Award! WOW! I've been nominated for my first blogging award! This is super exciting!

THANK YOU---I was nominated by 
Stephanie Ann at Sparkling in Third Grade

The Liebster Blog Award is given to up and coming bloggers by established bloggers (less than 200 followers), in order to recognize them, let them know that they are appreciated, and to spread the word about new blogs. The rules are:

You must post 11 random things about yourself.
Answer the questions that the nominators set for you.
Create 11 questions for the people you nominate.
Choose 11 blogs you love (with less than 200 followers) and link them in your post.
No tag back, (but please leave me a comment on this post with the URL to your Liebster post so that I can learn more about you!)

11 Random things about ME!
1- My favorite number is 11! No lies! It was my number in any sports I played.
2- I am a HUGE Dallas Cowboys Fan! And since I'm from the Chicago area...this doesn't sit too well with people...I've been a fan since KDG, I wanted to be a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader when I grew up! (this is hysterical to even think about now)
3- I LOVE music. I enjoy just about any genre...except the heavy heavy metal stuff. I sing lots of songs in class (i'm a terrible singer) and I feel everything in life relates to a song...Love Song Pop
4- My favorite holiday is Halloween
5- I play "Smurfs" on my iPad...I have a village and everything that I keep up with 
6- I have a huge stash of cards that I've bought for people and never sent...It's a terrible habit, but I really do have people's hearts on my mind!
7- I like syrup on my ham (when it's a spiral/dinner ham)
8- I have 3 dogs, a cat, and a tortoise that I've taken in from other people or shelters...I have to force myself to say no to anything new...
9- I LOVE to laugh. I laugh at everything. I laugh at inappropriate times...and my eyes water when I laugh
10- I LOVE to talk...a ANYONE who will listen. I talk to random people in the store...anywhere. I strike up conversations with anyone near...again,  I like to laugh
11- I have a tattoo on my right foot of 3 daisies that covers my whole foot and plan on getting more tattoos! 

Stephanie Ann's Questions:
  1. How long have you been teaching and what grades have you taught? I've been teaching for 15 years...ALL IN 3rd Grade.
  2. What do you usually do on a Friday or Saturday night? Friday night...I do NOTHING. I watch TV and just chill. Saturdays are spent with my Husband and Kids...
  3. What do you like the most about the school that you teach at? I love my teacher-neighbor...and the fact that we can teach how we want as long as standards are taught/met
  4. What do you like best about being a teacher? Inspiring and turning those kids who didn't much like school into kids who love school...and laughing
  5. If you hadn't become a teacher, what would you have been and why? I was originally going to go into accounting because I liked number crunching...THANK The LORD I did not!
  6. What is your best teaching memory? This is hard...I have over 15 years of memories... When I student taught...I met a kid in the office the day I was meeting my Cooperating Teacher...He was getting in trouble for picking up a girl over his head and throwing her to the floor...Turns out this kid was in my class...I started an after school extra help program and he stayed after every day. His behavior and grades greatly improved...I looked him up years later and he went on to College at Marquette University and played basketball for them! I wish there was a way to tell him how proud of him I am!!!! Go JM! 
  7. What is your worst teaching memory? Having to report a child and family to the DCFS.
  8. Who or what is your inspiration for being a good teacher? Dr. A. White at EIU...My cousin who I helped teach to own children... So many people
  9. Chocolate or fruity? Fruity
  10. In the spirt of cyber Monday, what is your favorite store to shop online? Tough one...Love me some Fern, Deanna Jump... There's soooo many!
  11. What blog was your biggest inspiration when you decided to start your blog and why? I LOVE ME SOME FARLEY! Although I don't create tons of worksheets at this time...I feel like I have a lot to talk about and offer. I hope others can get something from my brutal honesty. I started off on my blog a little shy...but I will come out of my shell soon...Just like "autumn" is not my real name...I've been pretty secretive about location and names. ;)

Lindsey's Questions:

1. What is your favorite part of blogging? Any comments from others and  helping others
  • 2. What is your favorite Christmas/Holiday movie? ELF!
    3. What is your favorite topic to teach? Novel study...How To Eat Fried Worms
    4. Where and what grade do you teach? Suburbs of Chicago, 3rd grade
    5. What is the last great book you read? Great book???? Fifty Shades... I've read plenty after that...
    6. What is your favorite TpT purchase? (leave a link) Rockin' Reader's Workshop 
    7. What is your favorite pin on Pinterest? (leave a link) HA!
    8. What is your go to blog? (leave a link) Fultz's and Farley
    9. What could you not live without? My family and my iPod
    10. What is your favorite teacher tool? Elmo/projector 
    11. What is your favorite teaching website? (leave a link) This was a hard one...Super Teacher Worksheets for quick action

    I nominate the following blogs for the Liebster Blog Award:

    My questions for YOU!

    1. What's your favorite song?
    2. What's one thing you wish you could give up?
    3. What's the next book you think I should read?
    4. Who inspired you to become a teacher?
    5. What's your favorite app and WHY?
    6. What is your favorite go-to snack?
    7. What is in your top left desk drawer?
    8. What's the funniest or most embarrassing thing to happen to you?
    9. What time do you go to bed at night?
    10. Do you wake up by beeping alarm, music, or what?
    11. What's your favorite thing about teaching?

    THIS WAS THE LONGEST POST EVER...This one took the longest!

    Have a wonderful week!



HELLO! Linking up with Farley over at Oh' Boy 4th Grade and her FAB-U-LOUS Currently!
Check her out and everyone else too! 

Listening...Hubby just lost his job of 19 years with Hostess. BOOOO. He's on the phone with someone about a lead somewhere else...He has ALWAYS worked...since he was 15. He doesn't even know what to do with himself...although I'm happy with him at's been clean, laundry done, and dinner on the table when I get home...Just missing that paycheck

Loving...Going to the zoo tonight! It's 61 degrees here! That's nuts for December! Usually we go to see Holiday Lights at the Zoo in the snow! This will be interesting. I'm so excited though!

Thinking...So we went to Sunday Mass and a family in front of us was very "coughy" and snotty and eating fruit snacks and rubbing hands on the pew and wiping noses with their hands and sucking thumbs and another was sucking his fingers and the daddy was wiping his nose with his right hand....and and we get to the "Sign of Peace" and get to all shake hands...after that...cutie patootie little boy coughs right in my face as I was kneeling. People behind me go "eeeewwww, gross" and start giggling...I giggled too, but hope not to get sick.

Wanting...nothing I really "want" right now. I'd love some time to be able to create some games and worksheets I've been dreaming up but haven't had time to complete...

Needing...Hubby's unemployment check...we are on week 3 without any other income besides mine...oh, and it's Christmas...we've cut back...but I can't wait to get that first check... 

I'd LOVE some more followers! ;)

RAK-my family and I are big on giving. Well, since our income has been recently decreased...this season will be a little difficult... I found some great deals on clearanced  toys and inexpensive gloves for the local Toys for Tots and glove drive. I'm happy to be able to do SOMETHING. I also teach 6th grade RE (religious Ed) on Wednesdays, so we are going to make some Christmas cards and an old Oriental Trading craft I had laying around from years ago...and send them to the Elderly in the Assisted Living homes. I think they will enjoy! Besides, the 6th graders are THRILLED to do this!

I'll probably post again later because I was at the NCTM Conference on Friday in Chicago! Have lots to say about that!

Just wanted to jump on the "Currently" band wagon...before I'm "late" like last month!