Sunday, October 28, 2012

Feeling Witchy...

Hello all! I know I don't have to tell all of you how crazy busy it always is!

I skipped a day of writing and Social Studies to do a craftivity with my class! There's never any time for the extra stuff and I haven't done this project in a couple years...
This isn't "my" project.  A teacher I used to work with did this one. It's an awesome witch I hang from the hooks in my classroom. The students LOVED making her! It was so quiet in the class as they listened to directions as we made her together!

You will need the following for each student:
1 2 x 18 inch white for face
1 2 x 18 inch black for hat
1 2 x 18 inch orange for hair
1 1 x 9  inch green for nose
1 1 x 6 black for mouth
2  1 x 6 white for eyes
2 1x 4 black for eyeballs

First we glued big white in circle for face (bottle glue works best for this project), next we glued the two eyes and two eyeballs into circles to sit and dry, then we glued the nose (make a u shape and glue to top of face), add the white eyes to the top of nose, insert the black eyeballs and glue...then accordion fold the black for mouth and glue the 2 ends...glue orange hair to outside...glue on hat...cut the hair into strips and decide if you want them curled with a pencil or accordion folded...leave on desk to dry...hang (yes-ridiculously long run-on sentence)! 

With the typical craziness at school...downed system for report cards, paperwork that has nothing to do with teaching, etc...I, myself, have felt a little witchy lately!

AND I am truly excited for Halloween on Wednesday!!! I hope schools never take that away! Our staff  is dressing as super heroes on Wednesday. Does your staff dress?! Last year we were Smurfs! I'll have to dig up a staff pic to show. We were AWESOME!

The Babe and I...fact and opinion

We read the story The Babe and I by David Adler. We worked on fact and opinion. I had the students work in pairs, search the story for facts and opinions, and write them in a T-chart. After checking a partner's work, the students got a bat and ball and wrote the fact they found from the story on a baseball bat and an opinion from the story on a baseball.  I hung them on a bulletin board labeled "Hitting a Home-run with Fact and Opinion".

Since we are working on 6-traits and I have a Rock Star Theme this year...I made iPads/iPod Touches to display each trait and skills to go with each. As we learn them (yes I'm off to a SLOW start), I will add the skills or things to remember as "apps".

SO that's some of my updates! 

My family is carving pumpkins today. My hubby is so ridiculous...he wants me to take pics of the pumpkins and have my class vote on the best one! I will and I will not cheat and tell them which one is mine...because that'd be an automatic win for me. I've gotta take 5 pics...there are 5 of us and we each have our own pumpkin. Winner takes all (bragging rights). Hubby even stooped real low this year! He's trying to appease the tastes of my 3rd graders... We'll see. I can hear a lot of bickering downstairs between the kids and the hubby. Mine was finished first...I've got too much to do!

Enjoy Halloween! Hope you get more treats than tricks!


  1. Your witch is adorable! Thanks for linking up your blog, it is terrific!
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    1. Thank you for stopping by! You have lots of great ideas that I've used in my classroom!

  2. Wow, I am impressed. Your witches turned out amazing. You are so creative.

    Fourth Grade Garden

  3. Thank you! My full of energy class was EXTREMELY quiet during this step by step-together activity. They were so focused.