Wednesday, October 3, 2012

CURRENTLY and Sweatpants

Linking up with Farley over at Oh' Boy 4th Grade for the monthly Currently!
Here's mine:
Don't know why the cat is meowing at me...never wanted a it because my neighbor had to move and couldn't take her with...but she's a total cool cat...she's like a 4th (yes I said 4th) dog in the house! Big kid is watching the LMN Movie I started...I'm not in the mood for the not. interested...and I'm big into politics..not thrilled with election

Loving my students' parents (most of them anyhow)...they already get my humor. One dad even made his kid make me a meanie pants "Sorry Dallas" poster with "Go Bears" on the other side! Even tho it's a meanie poster to tease me...I just HAD to hang it's cute. It has blue Dallas stars around the words "5 interceptions"...too funny. 

So so so so so glad we have only ONE thing to do this's the last football game that Mid Kid has to dance Poms at half-time. Then nothin' else! So thrilled!

Want a daisy necklace from Tiffany's...hoping hubby gets it for me for our 15 year anniversary on Oct 18th!!! And I want another tattoo...I have 3 big shasta daisies on my foot (to represent my 3 kids)

Need hair colored...blonde is not-so-blonde at the new girl is still working on getting my color right...

I LOVE HALLOWEEN! and I love Seinfeld's Halloween brings me back to my own childhood and I love to share it with my class every year!

SWEATPANTS. I never, ever, ever wear sweats or anything like that out of my house. I just don't. We had a "Fitness Parade" today at I wore some pink capri style sweats for the 1st time in 15 years...I was the most uncomfortable in my most comfortable clothing. That'll be the last time I wear that to work. Not my thing. I can do jeans easily, but didn't feel professional in sweats. I never do the PJ days either. On the fun side, the 3rd grade was in charge of being the strength component of I stuffed my arms with paper towels for big muscles...took apart a chart stand to use the bar....and cut out 2 black circles-labeled them 1000 lbs...attached to ends of bars..and wah-la! I looked barely like a weight-lifter! Kids got a kick outta it. They also dressed the part with balloons in their arms and mini weights and sweatbands and towels and other fun props. The PE teachers at my building are 
FAN-TAS-TIC!!! Love them to death and they organized this big fitness week (you'd think that'd motivate me to get off my butt and trim down). 

Two more days until a 3 day weekend! Yay! Thanks Chris Columbus!



  1. I have never Halloween by Jerry.. but it sounds like a must!!

  2. oooh..Tiffanys. Love !! And I'm not awesome at wearing sweatpants or PJ's to work either - just feels weird. I'm your newest follower :)

    First Grade Fairytales

    1. Thanks for following! I'm so excited!
      I felt SO much better in my Khaki Capris and nice blue shirt and heels!

  3. I have to agree on dressing for success! I've always had a hard time "dressing down". Also, love your blog design!

    Mary Beth
    Run Teacher, Run

    1. Thanks! I'm enjoying this blogging stuff! I always have lots to say. Just haven't been able to keep up lately!

  4. There is always a cat meowing or dog barking at my house...always.
    ~April Walker
    The Idea Backpack

    1. ALWAYS...followed by the dear hubby yelling at them to shut up. That's the only allowed way in my house to use the words shut up...when talking to the dogs.

  5. I love Jerry Seinfeld's Halloween! It puts everyone in the Halloween mood. Glad I found your blog. I am your newest follower.
    Bright Concepts 4 Teachers

    1. AGREED! Love the Halloween mood! Thanks for following! Hope you enjoy! I'll be by your site soon too!

  6. I love Halloween! I have never read this book, I will definitely have to check it out. I am your newest follower:) Stop by and visit me...

    Learn, Play & Have Fun

    1. Get it! Run! So fun! Thanks for following! I will stop by you soon!

  7. I have a cat that acts like a dog, she fetches her toys! I'm also going to have to check out Seinfield's Halloween book! I'm your newest follower!

    Teaching Special Kids

  8. Hope you have a picture of you with your giant muscles and dumb bells! I'm a new follower. Glad I found you through the linky!


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