Sunday, October 28, 2012

Feeling Witchy...

Hello all! I know I don't have to tell all of you how crazy busy it always is!

I skipped a day of writing and Social Studies to do a craftivity with my class! There's never any time for the extra stuff and I haven't done this project in a couple years...
This isn't "my" project.  A teacher I used to work with did this one. It's an awesome witch I hang from the hooks in my classroom. The students LOVED making her! It was so quiet in the class as they listened to directions as we made her together!

You will need the following for each student:
1 2 x 18 inch white for face
1 2 x 18 inch black for hat
1 2 x 18 inch orange for hair
1 1 x 9  inch green for nose
1 1 x 6 black for mouth
2  1 x 6 white for eyes
2 1x 4 black for eyeballs

First we glued big white in circle for face (bottle glue works best for this project), next we glued the two eyes and two eyeballs into circles to sit and dry, then we glued the nose (make a u shape and glue to top of face), add the white eyes to the top of nose, insert the black eyeballs and glue...then accordion fold the black for mouth and glue the 2 ends...glue orange hair to outside...glue on hat...cut the hair into strips and decide if you want them curled with a pencil or accordion folded...leave on desk to dry...hang (yes-ridiculously long run-on sentence)! 

With the typical craziness at school...downed system for report cards, paperwork that has nothing to do with teaching, etc...I, myself, have felt a little witchy lately!

AND I am truly excited for Halloween on Wednesday!!! I hope schools never take that away! Our staff  is dressing as super heroes on Wednesday. Does your staff dress?! Last year we were Smurfs! I'll have to dig up a staff pic to show. We were AWESOME!

The Babe and I...fact and opinion

We read the story The Babe and I by David Adler. We worked on fact and opinion. I had the students work in pairs, search the story for facts and opinions, and write them in a T-chart. After checking a partner's work, the students got a bat and ball and wrote the fact they found from the story on a baseball bat and an opinion from the story on a baseball.  I hung them on a bulletin board labeled "Hitting a Home-run with Fact and Opinion".

Since we are working on 6-traits and I have a Rock Star Theme this year...I made iPads/iPod Touches to display each trait and skills to go with each. As we learn them (yes I'm off to a SLOW start), I will add the skills or things to remember as "apps".

SO that's some of my updates! 

My family is carving pumpkins today. My hubby is so ridiculous...he wants me to take pics of the pumpkins and have my class vote on the best one! I will and I will not cheat and tell them which one is mine...because that'd be an automatic win for me. I've gotta take 5 pics...there are 5 of us and we each have our own pumpkin. Winner takes all (bragging rights). Hubby even stooped real low this year! He's trying to appease the tastes of my 3rd graders... We'll see. I can hear a lot of bickering downstairs between the kids and the hubby. Mine was finished first...I've got too much to do!

Enjoy Halloween! Hope you get more treats than tricks!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

CURRENTLY and Sweatpants

Linking up with Farley over at Oh' Boy 4th Grade for the monthly Currently!
Here's mine:
Don't know why the cat is meowing at me...never wanted a it because my neighbor had to move and couldn't take her with...but she's a total cool cat...she's like a 4th (yes I said 4th) dog in the house! Big kid is watching the LMN Movie I started...I'm not in the mood for the not. interested...and I'm big into politics..not thrilled with election

Loving my students' parents (most of them anyhow)...they already get my humor. One dad even made his kid make me a meanie pants "Sorry Dallas" poster with "Go Bears" on the other side! Even tho it's a meanie poster to tease me...I just HAD to hang it's cute. It has blue Dallas stars around the words "5 interceptions"...too funny. 

So so so so so glad we have only ONE thing to do this's the last football game that Mid Kid has to dance Poms at half-time. Then nothin' else! So thrilled!

Want a daisy necklace from Tiffany's...hoping hubby gets it for me for our 15 year anniversary on Oct 18th!!! And I want another tattoo...I have 3 big shasta daisies on my foot (to represent my 3 kids)

Need hair colored...blonde is not-so-blonde at the new girl is still working on getting my color right...

I LOVE HALLOWEEN! and I love Seinfeld's Halloween brings me back to my own childhood and I love to share it with my class every year!

SWEATPANTS. I never, ever, ever wear sweats or anything like that out of my house. I just don't. We had a "Fitness Parade" today at I wore some pink capri style sweats for the 1st time in 15 years...I was the most uncomfortable in my most comfortable clothing. That'll be the last time I wear that to work. Not my thing. I can do jeans easily, but didn't feel professional in sweats. I never do the PJ days either. On the fun side, the 3rd grade was in charge of being the strength component of I stuffed my arms with paper towels for big muscles...took apart a chart stand to use the bar....and cut out 2 black circles-labeled them 1000 lbs...attached to ends of bars..and wah-la! I looked barely like a weight-lifter! Kids got a kick outta it. They also dressed the part with balloons in their arms and mini weights and sweatbands and towels and other fun props. The PE teachers at my building are 
FAN-TAS-TIC!!! Love them to death and they organized this big fitness week (you'd think that'd motivate me to get off my butt and trim down). 

Two more days until a 3 day weekend! Yay! Thanks Chris Columbus!


Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Crazy, Squiggle, 7000 Points, AND HICCUPS

Craziness. I haven't been able to keep up with life in general (as you can see I haven't posted in almost a full month!). I'm sure you all know what I'm talking about! I've been running my kids to all their activities with the help of my husband...but it's been NON-STOP. Seriously. There is light at the end of the tunnel. Poms for Mid-Kid is done this week. That'll free up one day on weekend and two days during week (sort of). Religious Ed started for kids on Wed. night. Small-Kid and Mid-Kid are both in dance 2x a week...Big-Kid has softball...all.the.time. Looking forward to x-ing one activity off the list...although I really enjoyed the football half time games and Mid-Kid LOVED Poms.

Work. Crazy. We tested non-stop in September...AimsWeb testing...then Discovery testing...then Terra Nova Testing. I JUST started guided reading LAST WEEK! I JUST started guided math LAST WEEK! BUT I got my newsletter up and running for my class. Made a group list to email all class parents at that's good! Finally to a somewhat "normal" schedule. Looking forward to getting to REALLY know my students!

In the midst of all this nutso stuff...I made a digital copy of an activity I've done for 15 years. I can't remember where I got the idea from (Mailbox, Highlights...something like that)...but's a digital copy you can purchase at TPT for $2.00. It's the first thing I'm putting a price on...everything else has been free. It's 30 pages! The two samples below will link you to my TPT store...just click on one of the photos. These were made last week by my 3rd graders! I thought these two were very creative!

I used Laura Candler's Scholastic Book Orders Kit to push the $350 order for 7000 bonus points...It worked! I only had a week and a half and made it to $375! Scholastic is offering 7000 bonus points for October also! Here's Laura's link...use her ideas...The visual stars...letter...everything!

I am making a goal to post sooner this time...I am feeling fantastic that I have grades caught up, graded papers caught up...

My class even has Halloween stuff hanging!

OMG! So let me tell you about my hiccuping student today...He is the sweetest hard, well behaved...everything you'd want in a student. Students were taking a Science test today and he could not stop hiccuping! I was working with a student at the back table on her test...I casually walked over to where he sits...and yelled "WHY ARE YOU HICCUPING?!" Well I scared him and most of the class to death! BUT IT WORKED! His hiccups went away. I apologized for scaring him out of his seat. I went back to the table to continue to help my other student and Mr. Hiccup made eye-contact with me and gave me a cute thumbs up! So sweet and I helped cure him. Made my day (especially after the Cowboys big loss last night)!

**Anyone want to share a fun/cute/funny student story that's happened this school year?** Please comment! I'd love to hear your stories!

Enjoy your week!